Project Breaking Down Barriers: How to get to Tinglayan, Kalinga

The first stop of our trip was Tinglayan in Kalinga.  We stayed there for a couple of days to rest after the long bus ride from Manila, walk around the village and meet tattooed Kalinga women, and also to attend a Tinglayan wedding, where they performed their traditional wedding dance.

According to our guide, you could also do a hike to swim on the foot of a waterfalls and to visit an IP community that does pottery and bead works.  We, however, did not get to do these because there were guests at the wedding that our guide accommodated while we were there.  Oh well, we can do that on our next visit to Tinglayan. ;-)

Based on our research, there are several ways on how you can get to Tinglayan.  But, if you wish to adopt how we did it, here’s how:

  • Take a bus to Tabuk. We chose to ride Victory Liner Kamias and paid Php 569.00 per person. We took the 7 PM trip and arrived in Tabuk at around 5:30 AM the following day.  There are two bus lines that can get you to Tabuk, Cable Tours and Victory Liner Kamias. But, because I’m used to taking Victory Liner whenever I go to Baguio or Manaoag, Tara and I chose the latter. To ensure, as much as possible, that our trip would go as planned, we bought the tickets the night before. This turned out to be a good thing because, upon arrival in Tinglayan, we found out that there were three (3) others who were also planning to go to Kalinga that day but were not able to buy tickets to Tabuk.
  • Take a jeep to Tinglayan. From what I understand, there are a couple of jeepneys that would take you to Tinglayan, which leaves between 8 AM to 10 AM. Since trips to Tinglayan are limited, the drivers would usually wait for the jeepneys to be full, complete with top load. We paid Php 120.00 each for the fare.

To avail of the services of our guide, Francis Pa-in, you may contact him through +63 0915-769-0843.  You may also contact him if you would want to do home-stay at Ate Concepcion’s house.  Ate Concepcion is Manong Francis’ sister and has four (4) adorable kids:  Ligalig, Bullet, Chavez, and Baron.

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