The year that was

The year 2012 has been truly awesome for me.  Yes, it was full of dramas.  And, it was also the year that I got to travel to two (2) countries and eleven (11) provinces.  It was the year that I got to visit five (5) IP tribes and the year that I got to figure out what I really want.

It was the year that let me experience heartache and being alone, 10x over.  And, experience the blessing of family and friends, 100x over.

It was the year I got what it is to get the love of people around me.  It was the year that I visited again the hometown of my father, Nueva Ecija, with the intention of spending time with my relatives after about 7 years.

It was the year I gave up the semi-corporate world and the big bucks.  It was also the year that I chose to be with my first love, that is development work.

It was the year I found courage to inspect through myself and love and hate and love again what I see.  Yes, sometimes the process is longer.  But, what the heck?  I choose the transition and everything that comes with it.

So, 2012, that was one helluva ride.  Thank you for being awesome.  2013, let’s rock!

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Thank you! And, in whatever space you’re in now, I hope that you get something from reading my articles.

See ya,

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