An acknowledgment of your generosity

I have written several blog posts on our last visit to indigenous peoples communities in Kalinga (Tinglayan and Buscalan), Mountain Province (Sabangan and Guina-ang), South Cotabato (Lake Sebu), Bohol (Duero), capping it with a swim on the rocky beach of Samar (Marabut) and buying banigs in the province (Basey).  When I first shared this with my friends, they were all wondering where I would get the money to finance this trip, given that I am officially unemployed.  And, have been since June 2012.

But, as I had learned over the past couple of years, lack of money shouldn’t stop me from living the life that I love.

It took me a while before I asked for support from my family and friends.  I considered every option available that would allow me to get the money to pay for the trip expenses.  On my own.

For those who know me, it’s a well established fact that I hate asking for support.  I would always endeavor to complete anything I set my mind into getting on my own.  Specially, when it comes to money matters.  So, why did I ask for support this time?  Because I acknowledge that I can’t do everything alone.  And, this is also my way of inviting people to contribute to the cause that I am committed to, i.e., preservation of our art, culture and traditions.

So, I shared my intention with my friends and family.  I shared with them why I am so interested in visiting indigenous peoples communities.  I shared why I would love to know more about our art, culture and traditions.  I shared why I would like to take pictures of the places we’d visit and the people we’d meet.  I shared the contribution that I would like to make while and after doing this.  I shared, shared, and shared some more.

I had no expectations.  I was clear that they can say “no”.  But, I was also clear that they might give a “yes” to my request. And, I was overwhelmed by the support and love that I got!  Friends from high school to college to work and relatives whom I haven’t seen for years now have responded to my call for support.  Some of them providing monetarily and some lending their energy and talents to this project.  I will forever be grateful.

To those of you who have contributed:  Mommy, Daddy, Jan-Jan, Tara, Kuya Rey, Ate Darling, Ate Caroline, Shailoe, Gladdy, Therese, Carla, Kuya Pao, Mel, Rhea, Arlene, Honey Lou, Apple, Flaj, G-anne, Arianne, Raisa, Angge, Mavic, Sarji, Cel, Tin, Ate Tanya, Pao – maraming, maraming salamat!  This trip became possible because of your generosity.   You gifted me with courage, fulfillment, friends, and a new love and admiration for the Philippines and our people.  I love you all!

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Thank you! And, in whatever space you’re in now, I hope that you get something from reading my articles.

See ya,

Thank you for reading my post! Have you visited this place? Or, do you have any questions? Share away on the box below :)

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