I’m grateful

Let me diverse from my usual travel posts.

I’ve had a very wonderful Easter celebration – went to worship with my ex and now really good friend, saw one of my best friends with whom I haven’t spoken for a while, had conversations with my family, and got to spend time alone and be present to the many blessings that I’ve received, especially over the last nine months.

On my birthday last year, T and I had a talk. It was a clearing conversation that allowed the two of us to go after what would really make us happy.

I acknowledge that I went through moments of depression, instances borne out of my created miserable reality. And, sometimes, when I am reminded of being alone, I still have those moments. The only difference of now from then is that these moments pass as quickly as they come. It’s not painful anymore. I am now present to it being “miserable” as a matter of perspective.

And, as a creature of my Creator, I choose to live life with love and respect, and not otherwise. And that shift in perspective made the difference.

I am now able to create from nothing. I am now not at the effect of circumstances. I now create my being in circumstances.

I acknowledge the people who’ve stood for my breakthroughs – my Mom, my Dad, my brother, my aunts and cousins, my friends. They caused me to be where I am now. They caused me to be happy and free from resentment.  I can now laugh and smile from within.

Life is beautiful.  I am grateful.


“I looked back, I looked forward, and never saw so many and such good things at once. … How could I fail to be grateful to my whole life?” – Nietzsche

(Thank you, Raisa, for sharing this quote with me.)

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See ya,

4 thoughts on “I’m grateful

    • Thanks, Lu! Yes, life is beautiful!

      The picture was taken by my friend on our recent trip to the beach. Can’t remember now what I was laughing about!

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