Wandering in Wonderful Indonesia: Candi Mendut

Candi Mendut is a Buddhist temple located in the village of Mendut in Central Java, Indonesia.  Herman brought us to the temple after we visited Candi Borobudur, which is about 3 kilometers away, and after we had a sumptuous lunch of nasi goreng (or, rice in Indonesia) with kambing (or, lamb in Indonesia) – it was so tasty Angge who’s off of rice for a few months now just had to break her diet.

Herman, Angge, and Monica

We didn’t get to avail of a local guide, which was actually a pity since the carvings were pretty interesting.

Candi Mendut

Candi Mendut

Candi Mendut

Candi Mendut

Candi Mendut

From research though, I learned that these three statues are Buddhist main divinities honored in Candi Mendut –

Dhyani Buddha Vairocana is revered to liberate devotees from the bodily karma.

Candi Mendut

Boddhisatva Avalokitesvara is revered to liberate devotees from the karma of speech.

Candi Mendut

Boddhisatva Vajrapani is revered to liberate devotees from karma of thought.

Candi Mendut

Although it would’ve been really good if we got to tour Candi Mendut with a local guide, it was still worth the stop.  Here’s Kuya and Angge, on the steps of the temple, while we were waiting for Herman for his next surprise. ;)

Candi Mendut

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