Life’s a beach! – Camiguin Island

After a week of training on working with USAID, I was looking forward to a weekend getaway to Camiguin!  Here’s our sort of itinerary. :)

Day 1:  November 16, 2013

I left Manila at 4:40 AM of Saturday and took a flight with Cebu Pacific.  From the Laguindingan International Airport of Cagayan de Oro, I took the shuttle to Lim Ket Kai (Php 199.00 per person), in the area of which I would be picking my friend, Angge, up.  But, before doing so, I just had to get my caffeine fix at Starbucks, since I haven’t had a decent sleep since the day before.

We took the cab to Macabalan Port (Php 120.00), where we rode the ferry to Benoni Port in Camiguin (Php 600.00 per person + Php 15.00 for terminal fee).  From Benoni Port, we rode a shuttle to Creekside Resort (Php 30.00 per person), which was owned by a cousin of Angge’s colleague.

The owner asked us what we wanted to do for our entire stay and, at the onset, we already knew that we were pressed for time.  But, what the heck.  We were going to enjoy our trip, no matter what. :)

After having lunch (Php 200.00 per person) and resting for a couple of hours, we took the habal-habal to Katibawasan Falls.  The trip to the falls was an adventure in itself.  It was raining and Angge and I didn’t bring our sunnies with us.  So, we had to keep our eyes almost closed the entire time.  Angge said that her thought bubble the entire time was, “My parents shouldn’t be trusting me with the decisions I make!”  My DSLR was also with me and I was kind of worried that it would be soiled.  But, thanks to my Overboard waterproof camera bag (Php 1,200.00), my camera was kept safe the entire time!

Katibawasan Falls (Php 20.00 per person) was at the foot of Mt. Timpoong, the most active volcano in Camiguin.  Good thing I didn’t find out about this while we were there ‘cos, otherwise, I would’ve been too scared and not get to enjoy the very cool, clear, and clean waters of the falls.

Katibawasan Falls

Katibawasan Falls

Katibawasan Falls

After taking a dip, we went back to the resort to take a nap and wait for night time before we go to cap our day chillin’ at the hot springs.  We were such bohos that we laid on the benches of the restaurant, with our shades on, and had my sarong as my blanket and my pair of slippers wrapped in plastic as my pillow.  :)

In the evening, after having our habal-habal’s gas filled (Php 110.00) we had dinner at restaurant (Php 120.00 per person) of the Ardent Hot Springs (Php 30.00 per person), the waters of which were from the Hibok-Hibok Volcano.  The water was very clear, which was apparent even at night.  It was soothing, too, and I felt like I was getting a massage while I had my entire body submerged in the warm waters of the spring.

When we got back to the resort, there was also an acoustic band playing.  So, after we took a shower (finally!), Angge and I spent the rest of our evening eating our snacks (Php 110.00) while listening to them play.  A great way to end our evening, I would say. :)

Day 2:  November 17, 2013

The following morning, we had to be up early because of the long day ahead.  I slept through my alarm (naman!) but good thing our driver friend got up early so he just woke us up.

After having our gas filled (Php 150.00), we took the habal-habal to the shores where we would take the boat (Php 150.00 each plus Php 20.00 each for terminal fee) to the White Island Sandbar.

White Island Sandbar

White Island Sandbar

White Island Sandbar

The sandbar was beautiful.  The sand was fine and the water was pristine.  It’s definitely one of the reasons why I would always say that beaches in the Philippines are the best. :)

White Island Sandbar

White Island Sandbar

White Island Sandbar

We bummed for a couple of hours, enjoyed the water, the sun, and the sand.

White Island Sandbar

White Island Sandbar

White Island Sandbar

White Island Sandbar

White Island Sandbar

And, had a dose of sea urchins (Php 20.00 each) for breakfast (cool, eh?)!

White Island Sandbar

White Island Sandbar

We rode the boat back to the shores and took a shower (Php 5.00 per person).  Then, headed to the Old Vulcan and Walkway (Php 5.00 each for environmental fee), where life-sized 14 stations of the cross could be found.  However, because Angge and I were both lazy and we’re already pressed for time (well, we’re more of lazy), we just reached the second station then headed back down.

Old Vulcan and Walkway

We passed by the Sunken Cemetery, which used to be a cemetery that collapsed during the 1871 Vulcan Daan eruption.

Sunken Cemetery

We were invited to do snorkeling but because we didn’t feel like doing so, Angge opted to have buko instead (haha, labo!).

Sunken Cemetery

Sunken Cemetery

We also stopped by the Old Gui-ob Church Ruins, which were the remains of Vulcan Daan eruption in 1871.

Old Gui-ob Church Ruins

And, before lunch (and just in time, too!), we arrived at the Sto. Nino Cold Springs (Php 35.00 per person), where we had lunch (Php 120.00 per person) and enjoyed the cool waters.

We then headed back to our resort, paid for our accommodations (Php 600.00 per person) and our habal-habal and driver (Php 750.00 per person) took a shower, and packed our bags.  We were running late and had a major boo-boo (naman!).  We were asking them to bring us to Macabalan Port (the one in CDO) instead of Benoni Port (in Camiguin).  And, the driver of the multi-cab (Php 75.00 per person) was like, “What are they talking about?”  And, we thought it was some sort of language barrier.  Ha!

Since we wanted to catch the last ferry back to Manila, I asked the driver, “Manong, ‘yung pinakamabilis po, ha… (Sir, the quickest, please…)” with my sweetest smile.  Haha!  And, we got there just in time! Wee!!!

The ferry (Php 600.00 per person) came in late and had to deal with parking issues by the port.  So, we left an hour later than scheduled.

We got to CDO at around past 7:00 PM.  We then took a cab (Php 65.00) to Rich Manor (Php 400.00 per person), a new inn in CDO, relaxed for a while then took a cab (Php 60.00) to Kagay-anon for dinner (Php 400.00 per person).  It was a bit pricey but everything we ordered were delicious!

Angge and Monica at Kagay-anon

To cap our evening, we had dessert at Missy Bonbon (Php 155.00), where we also bought our pastels for pasalubong, before heading back to Rich Manor (Php 60.00).

Day 3:  November 18, 2013

The following day, we slept in and took a cab (Php 60.00) for brunch and coffee at Missy Bonbon again (Php 220.00 each).  We took the cab back to Rich Manor (Php 60.00), packed our bags, and checked out.  Then, we headed to Centrio (Php 55.00) to catch our shuttle to the airport (Php 199.00 each).  Terminal fee at the CDO airport is Php 200.00 each.

My biggest take-away from this trip

We encountered a number of circumstances that would have ended my friendship with Angge.  Promise.  Haha!  But, it was really a good thing that she’s so cool that despite her being the square person that she is and me being dubbed by her as her durian friend – compartmentalized, feeling organized – she gets me.  All the time. :)

Looking forward to our next adventure! :)

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