Wandering in Wonderful Indonesia: Sultan’s Palace

Our trip to the Sultan’s Palace was an interesting one.  We got to learn about their culture and take a peek at the lives of the royal family in Java.

Sultan’s Place
Where the Sultan actually lives!

Royal Palace

The Big Hall
Where big gatherings would be held.

Royal Palace

The “Cage”
Where toddlers would be placed for them to be able to play during performances.

Royal Palace

The Gazebo
Where musical and dance performances would be held for the royal family to watch.

Royal Palace

The “Big Rolling Pin” and the “Big Drum”
Used to warn people of the palace of impending danger.

Royal Palace

Royal Palace

The Carriage
For the royal bride.

Royal Palace

The Family Tree
Indicates how many wives, sons, and daughters a male member of the royal family would have during his lifetime.

Royal Palace

The Cool Royal Guards
Can be found roaming around the palace.

Royal Palace

The Adorable Musicians
Who regularly play for palace guests.

Royal Palace

Royal Palace

The Pathway
Something pretty inside the palace.

Royal Palace

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2 thoughts on “Wandering in Wonderful Indonesia: Sultan’s Palace

    • Hi Samuel! That’s great. :) Jogjakarta is a really nice place. And, we were glad that we took time to visit it and not just stay in Bali.

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