Wandering in Wonderful Indonesia: Cokelat Monggo, Batik Shop, and Silver Shop

Angge was so excited to visit Cokelat Monggo, a shop where you can actually watch how chocolates were made.  In real life.  So, we stayed there for about an hour and also did our pasalubong shopping for our families and friends back home.  Here’s Angge so happy.  Like a kid!

Cokelat Monggo

A few months after, a friend gave me chocolates she bought from Davao.  I was surprised ‘cos they tasted like what we bought from Cokelat Monggo.  They have similar packaging, too!  I’m not too sure, though, which adapted what.  Oh well.  :)

Happy Angge at Cokelat Monggo

After which, we headed to the batik shop, where we witnessed the step-by-step process of how to make batik.  Angge even had an artist draw a flower for her!  (Sorry, no pictures, though.)

We also visited a silver shop, where they showed us how they create their artworks made of silver.



This is what they use to make the silver shiny!


And, make them from this (left) to this (right).  Cool, eh? :)


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