Peredo’s Lodging House in Baguio City, My Home away from Home

Peredo’s Lodging House is my accommodation of choice in Baguio City.  Whenever I want to recharge and experience once more the cool Baguio breeze, I almost always stay here and enjoy the coziness of this quaint vacation spot. And, why wouldn’t I?

Its location is perfect – near my favorites and far enough from the louder part of the city.

Baguio July 2014

You will feel right at home the moment you step into their house.

Baguio July 2014

It is nicely priced. They have six rooms in total (from Php 950 per night for two pax during lean months) and the whole house, which can accommodate up to 17 persons, can be rented for Php 8,000 per night during lean months. My favorite room (one with balcony and with two double beds) can be rented for only Php 2,100 per night during lean months.

Baguio July 2014

Baguio July 2014

Baguio July 2014

They serve toast with spread and brewed coffee for breakfast. You can enjoy your first meal of the day at their lovely dining room.

Baguio July 2014

If you cook, you can also prepare and use their kitchen for free. It’s clean and well-kept, too!

Baguio July 2014

Baguio July 2014

Ate Polly, their caretaker, is very accommodating.  She will open the door for you with a smile, even if you come back after her usual sleeping hours.  We quite feared that we might have abused our welcome when we rang the doorbell past midnight!

Baguio July 2014

What I love the most, though, is that I can just stay here all day, read, write, or have conversations with the lovely people I visit the place with.

Baguio July 2014

The people, the place, and everything in between – they just make you feel right at home – the main reason why I will always go back here whenever I wish to relax and chill away from the noise in Manila. :)


Peredo’s Lodging House
Address: No. 5 CM Recto Street, St. Joseph Village, 2600 Baguio City, Philippines
Check-in Time: 2:00 PM (If you arrive earlier than the check-in time, you can, like I always do, request the caretaker to leave your bags with them while you tour the city.)
Check-out Time: 12:00 NN (If your scheduled departure is later than the check-out time, you can, like I always do, again request the caretaker to leave your bags with them.)
Contact Numbers: +63.74.442.5091, +63.926.405.5115, +63.922.942.0698
How to get there: Take a cab from the bus station and ask the driver to drop you off Peredo’s Lodging House, near Teacher’s Camp. It will cost you about Php 45.00 to Php 50.00.
Facebook page:

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9 thoughts on “Peredo’s Lodging House in Baguio City, My Home away from Home

  1. I enjoyed reading your very informative article. I lived in that house in 1946 when I was going to Pacdal Elementary School just across the bridge which had been bombed out during WWII but is now rebuilt.

    • Hi Sir! Thank you very much for reading this article. 1946 – that has been a long time! The house was preserved really well then. It makes staying there more interesting and a privilege. Thanks again, Sir! :)

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