Project Breaking Down Barriers: A letter to our host family in Lake Sebu

December 10, 2012

Hello everyone,

I’m writing this while most, if not all, of you are already sleeping. I just really need to say this now.

Thank you for your hospitality and generosity. You’ve shared yourselves with me and Tara – your stories, time, smiles, hearts, music, art. It’s always so refreshing for me to meet people who are open and simple – living in the metro surrounds one with people who are afraid of judgment, so rigid, with no sense of community and family and tradition. Life is simple here and I love it.

Play time, picture taking, goofin’ around, and crafts time with the kids were lovely. The town walk and the evening laugh trip with the boys were precious as well.

I would say that this experience of living with a family this long and just chillin’ and spending time together – gets me to consider leaving the metro altogether and start building my life in a community such as this.

I don’t know yet what’s gonna happen or what my plan would be. Rest assured though that I’ll keep you posted. ‘Cos you’re now part of my life and I look forward to that time when our paths would cross again.

Thank you for the awesome time that you gave us. Love and light!

See ya,
Ate Monica

Gono bong

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Thank you! And, in whatever space you’re in now, I hope that you get something from reading my articles.

See ya,

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