Wandering in Wonderful Indonesia: Bakung Beach Resort

Exhausted from all the craziness the previous day (cramming papers, last-minute packing, braving the heavier than usual traffic in the metro) and with barely a couple of hours of sleep, I was just really looking forward to chillin’ in Bali for our first day in Indonesia.  And, it was a good thing that we found a good resting spot for us, Bakung Beach Resort.  It was sort of a last minute decision to book this hotel because we were all being so OC as to where we should stay, months prior.  But, Angge found this place and, after checking the reviews, we decided to book it.

So, what did I think about it?

  • It was not pricey.  Although I didn’t have any expectations, considering that we only paid about Php 700 per person per night, which was quite cheap for a tourist spot like Bali, I was pleasantly surprised with the place.  The initial vibe I got was something like what I got from the place we stayed at in Siem Reap, the Golden Mango Inn.  It was quiet, peaceful, and gave us a feel of Bali.
  • Nice and spacious rooms.  We got to sleep very well because of their comfortable beds.  And, considering that I am not the tidiest person there is, I’m sure my friend, Angge, appreciated that our room was quite spacious.  They have balconies, too, with quite comfy couches that allowed us to lounge and experience the Bali air and vibe before we tucked it in.
  • Spacious toilet and bath, but had a funky smell.  Their bathrooms, although quite spacious (I’ve experienced cramped T&B in Vietnam and Phnom Penh), smelled funky, which caused Angge to hang her towel outside the room.  You may also want to check if their drains are working well, lest be bothered by the slow clearing of water when taking a bath (like what we got).
  • Free wifi, although a bit flaky.  Bakung Beach Resort also has wifi.  For our first night, the connection was pretty good, even if we were on the fifth floor.  I was able to check emails, chat with my friends, log on to Facebook, and even check our bookings at AirAsia.   But, it got flaky a few days after, such that for my entire stay at their resort after coming back from Jogjakarta, I couldn’t connect to the internet.  I had to go to the lobby to leech on the free internet connection from some establishment nearby.
  • Friendly staff but not everyone can speak English adequately.  Their staff are friendly and accommodating, too.  They let us print our boarding passes for free!  But, we had some difficulty conversing in English, which was apparent when we were bringing up our complaint about the wifi access.

But, what I really liked about it is its location.  Located at Jalan Kartika Plaza, Tuban in Bali, Bakung Beach Resort is just about 5-minute taxi ride away from Ngurah Rai International Airport, which meant that we didn’t have to leave THAT early for our flight to Jogjakarta the next morning.

And, because we wanted to experience culture, we had to try the food, right?  Bakung Beach Resort is near restaurants, where you can have a taste of their local cuisine.  On our first evening, we found this restaurant where they also played traditional music.  Awesome. 🙂


It was also just about 10-15 minutes away from the beach, on foot…

Angge's outfit of the day

…which meant that it’s near areas where you can do surfing or participate in some activities, like Angge’s Save the Turtle…

Saving the sea turtle

…and near drinking  spots, too!  Because, let’s face it.  What’s experiencing Bali if you won’t get to have a bottle of Bintang beer or two while listening to the waves?

Chill Kuya Anton

But, to get to the place where you can swim for free, it will take you about 45 minutes of leisurely walking (or sitting, every once in a while).

Under the sun

THEN, you’ll get to drink and enjoy the beach with your buddies…

Monica and Angge in Bali

And, meet some locals, like my new friends, Maria and Alessandro, who I watched the Bali sunset with.

Maria and Alessandro

I loved the proximity, or lack thereof, because we walked along a beautiful path beside the beach.  We got to hear the waves for quite a while and saw the different changing hues of the sky as it goes against (or complements, depending on how you want to look at it) that of the beach water.  Needless to say, I loved every minute of it. 🙂

Sunset in Bali

So, would I be back?  If I’m on a budget, then maybe.  But, if I had a few more bucks to spare for lodging, I would choose one nearer the beach’s swimming area.  We were stopped from booking a hotel in South Kuta because of the reviews we read that it’s very noisy.  But, from what I have observed after doing evening strolls in the area, the “noise” is bearable and may even be welcome. 🙂

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