Backpacking Cambodia and Vietnam: Strolling around Phnom Penh

The following day, we left the hostel by 7:00 AM to get to the Grand Palace early.  We had a bus to catch a little after noon and, aside from the palace, we were going to see the Genocide Museum and go buy bags at the Russian Market.  These are photos I took on our way to the palace.





Walking tour

But, when we got to the Grand Palace, we found out that it was not going to open until 8:30 AM.  So, we opted to buy noodles from one of the carts near the place.


Here’s my friend, Angel, while waiting for our food.

Angel, while waiting for our food

While waiting, too, we met these cute Cambodian kids!

Cute Cambodian Kid

We, then, had breakfast by the Mekong River, before heading to the palace.


The Phnom Penh Grand Palace, for me, was very similar to the Grand Palace in Bangkok.  So, the structures were not as grandiose as what it would have been if I haven’t had the chance yet to admire Thailand’s. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed the intricate details in their designs.  (Photo credit: Photos where I am in were taken by my friend, Angel Zorilla.)

Grand Palace

Grand Palace





Grand Palace

Grand Palace


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