Journeying North Luzon: Microtel by Wyndham – Baguio, Benguet

Baguio holds a special place in my heart. Learning that this was one of the places we’d visit ultimately made me decide to join this tour.  Its cool breeze, the memories of one day trips I would have with my family when I was younger, the eventual refuge it would provide every time things get loud, and it generally being a space of love and discovery – all these make me want to come back for more.  Like a drug that I have grown addicted to and cannot get out of my system.   Much like the person that caused that.  But, more on that in this post, only if you’re interested. :)

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Peredo’s Lodging House in Baguio City, My Home away from Home

Peredo’s Lodging House is my accommodation of choice in Baguio City.  Whenever I want to recharge and experience once more the cool Baguio breeze, I almost always stay here and enjoy the coziness of this quaint vacation spot. And, why wouldn’t I?

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I “carpe diem”-ed 2013.

If 2012 was about recreating myself and my life, 2013 was a year of taking things on.  Despite and perhaps because of my commitment issues and fear of making mistakes, at the onset, I was intentional in making 2013 a banner year for my newly-recreated life.  And, truth be told, I enjoyed every bit of it.  :)

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I love Baguio: Fireplace

Rio and I talked about which places I might want to go to during my visit to Baguio.  I told her of this place that my friend and I went to in Kamias, where we watched a band play old songs.  The band was legit.  But, maybe because they play old songs, the place also attracts DOM-like people, such that my friend and I swore we would never tell anyone we went there.  Rio said she wouldn’t want to go to the places I go to because it’s, uhm, social suicide.  Haha!

So, when I went to Baguio, she said that she’s going to bring me to this place called Fireplace, where one of her favorite bands, the Smooth Band, plays regularly.

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I love Baguio: Cafe by the Ruins

In 2010, when things were hazy for me, I knew that I needed Baguio once again.  So, I invited my good friend, Cel, and we spent a couple of nights at Peredo’s Lodging House, having conversations and supporting each other in clearing things out, drinking booze, reading our books, and just enjoying each other’s company.

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I love Baguio: BenCab Museum

Since I learned of BenCab Museum, I’ve always visited it every time I go to Baguio.  The first time was in 2009, when our Baguio-based friend, Atty. Rio, brought us to this place.  I remember that I felt like I was in some magical place, when I first looked outside from the balcony.  Clouds covered part of the creek in between the mountains, as if there was a different world beyond that.

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