Visiting indigenous peoples communities – how we did it

Tara and I spent some time doing research to really be clear on what we want to accomplish and get for the entire trip.  Tara, being a professional photographer, and me, being a person who loves taking pictures, based our initial list on the images that came up in Google.  We did a search for “indigenous peoples” + Philippines and if a particular picture would catch our interest, we would look it up further.

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Project Breaking Down Barriers: From Bohol to Cebu, to Leyte, to Samar

Our 15-day Philippine tour was almost coming to an end.  And, we intended for it to be a blast.

On our last evening in Tagbilaran, we had dinner with our couchsurfing host, Malou.  She’s a bubbly lady who was very helpful to us for this entire Bohol leg of our trip.  We met at one of the malls in Tagbilaran and, when I saw her, I just knew that she was the person that we were going to meet.

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Project Breaking Down Barriers: The 10-minute Chocolate Hills experience

From Duero, we took the bus to Loay and again to Carmen to get to Chocolate Hills.  The entire trip took about three to four hours from Duero, such that it was already almost dark when we got to where we were supposed to alight.  We were lucky enough that there was a lone tricycle available to bring us to the viewing deck.  Had it not been there, we would have missed seeing the beautiful Chocolate Hills altogether and the seemingly endless bus ride from Loay would have been for naught.

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Project Breaking Down Barriers: Meeting the Eskaya tribe in Duero, Bohol

Tara and I were thinking of skipping Bohol altogether, because of the seeming inexistence of any indigenous peoples community in the province.  Although we would want to visit Panglao beach and enjoy it for at least a day, doing just that in Bohol didn’t quite justify the trip to the province for us.  But, to be sure, Tara and I did a search on Google Images for “indigenous peoples” + “Bohol” and that’s when we saw the Eskaya scripts.  We looked at the pictures for a while and, almost at the same time, said “We gotta go here, man.”  And, so we did.

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Project Breaking Down Barriers: Getting to Bohol

Then, the Amazing Race again began.  We took a van back to Surallah.  And, got in a van to General Santos.  It was so hot inside and it seemed like it would still take a while before it’d be filled, so Tara and I decided to take a trike to Yellow Bus Lines station and take the bus instead.

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Visiting indigenous peoples communities in the Philippines – The start of it all

The last two weeks had been amazing for me.  I learned a lot about myself.  I got to face fears.  And, there were a number of new experiences I never thought I’d ever have.

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