Wandering in Wonderful Indonesia: Bakung Beach Resort

Exhausted from all the craziness the previous day (cramming papers, last-minute packing, braving the heavier than usual traffic in the metro) and with barely a couple of hours of sleep, I was just really looking forward to chillin’ in Bali for our first day in Indonesia.  And, it was a good thing that we found a good resting spot for us, Bakung Beach Resort.  It was sort of a last minute decision to book this hotel because we were all being so OC as to where we should stay, months prior.  But, Angge found this place and, after checking the reviews, we decided to book it.

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Wandering in Wonderful Indonesia: How we did it

“So, where are we off to next, guys?”  someone asked.  We were on a backpacking trip in Cambodia and Vietnam.  And, while we were enjoying the very chill vibe of Siem Reap, someone replied, “Bali!”

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Wandering in Wonderful Indonesia

So, we had a sort of itinerary, which Angge and I worked on months ago. But, because life outside of travels got in the way, we set it aside and let the universe work.

And, the universe, as always, did its thing.

We got to see the places we intended to visit, like the Temples of Sukuh, Borobudur, and Prambanan, in Java (plus a lot of bonuses, like the Taman Sari Underground Mosque, the Chocolate Factory, and a jeepney trek to Mt. Merapi), and enjoyed their local food in between. And, I got to chill in and swim in the beaches of Bali. Oh, we caught the sunset, too!

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