Life’s a Beach! – Weekend Getaway at Flotsam & Jetsam Artists Hostel in La Union

If you're looking for a place that could fill your craving for a road trip, get sun-kissed, chill, surf or skim board, and enjoy your weekend, drive (or take the bus) to San Juan, La Union and stay at Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel. Bonus would be that they play really nice music, have lots of bean bags where you can lounge for almost the entire day (my friends and I did), and serve uber-awesome food. Oh, and we visited this place again a couple of weekends ago, when electricity and water were out in La Union - they provided great customer service, a definite plus in our list.


Life’s a beach! – Capones and Anawangin Islands

It was almost not going to happen. Backing out and deciding to be on board again, didn’t transpire only once. And, up to the last minute, too. But, miracle of miracles, we all chose to be in the space of adventure. It was everyone’s first time to camp. It was everyone’s first time to visit the islands. It was our first time to travel with this group. And, it was amazing.