I’m back :)

Hello, it has been a while. :)

I apologize for not writing sooner. Life had been a bit of a whirl wind since 2016 started. A meet up with my colleagues in Bali in January 2016. Preparing for the roll out and implementing the items discussed during the Bali trip for the rest of the year. Preparing for the almost month-long Bangkok-Myanmar trip in October-November. Catching up with missed work after that, together with additional responsibilities almost as soon as I came back from vacation.  I promise I am going to write in more detail about the trips I took and the reflections I had out of those experiences. :)

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What is your dream job?

Sometimes all you gotta do is ask.  But, what if you don’t know what to ask for?

It has been two years since I went through this dilemma.  Knowing that there’s a perfect job waiting for me out there.  A job that I would love to wake up to and see myself growing with.  I could feel it being in existence.  But, I just didn’t know what that was.  So, I didn’t know what to ask for.

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thebohotravels.com’s 2014 Highlights: Looking back and moving forward

Before 2013 ended, I created my 2014 to be full of love, art, and travel.  And, how powerful creations really can be!  During this year, I got to visit Singapore, Indonesia, Cebu, La Union, Cavite, Rizal, Benguet, and Palawan, experienced art in different media, and experienced life in the company of my loves – friends and family.  2014 was indeed a blast and I would love to share the good vibes with you. :)

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I’m grateful

Let me diverse from my usual travel posts.

I’ve had a very wonderful Easter celebration – went to worship with my ex and now really good friend, saw one of my best friends with whom I haven’t spoken for a while, had conversations with my family, and got to spend time alone and be present to the many blessings that I’ve received, especially over the last nine months.

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End of the year prayer

Heavenly Father,

We thank you for another year. 2012 has been awesome for us and has been full of blessings.

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The year that was

The year 2012 has been truly awesome for me.  Yes, it was full of dramas.  And, it was also the year that I got to travel to two (2) countries and eleven (11) provinces.  It was the year that I got to visit five (5) IP tribes and the year that I got to figure out what I really want.

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Walking in the rain!

Tara and I walked it out, from Savemore Kamias to her new apartment in Sct. Borromeo. We didn’t have umbrellas. So we used our yoga mats instead.

I was having fun the entire walk. I took my time and enjoyed every moment of it. I thought, at one point, if I encountered the same thing outside the country, in Viet Nam, Cambodia, or Thailand maybe, I would find the moment precious. And, I am in the Philippines. What’s the difference then?

So I smiled. Smiled at how weird we looked. Smiled at the reality that I was walking. Along EDSA. In the rain. With my yoga mat over my head.

Life is good. :-)

Beginnings of the candle statue
(Photo taken by the author, Tara’s apartment in QC, September 2012)

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