Surviving Singapore with Php 5,000 Pocket Money: How we did it

I usually travel to places not normally visited by tourists.  I like discovering and experiencing things that are rarely written about and seeing views that are rarely captured by pictures.  So, Singapore was not really a place I would’ve wanted to visit because, in my view, it lacked the soul that I am accustomed to. But, my view of Singapore changed after the trip I did in January 2014.  Not instantaneously, see.  I went there with my filters on.  And, when I caught myself doing this, the experience immediately shifted to Singapore is a cultural experience in itself.  From then on, I began to see Singapore as a place worthy to be explored.

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Surviving Singapore with Php 5,000 Pocket Money: Merlion Park

Peach and I planned on spending our last day in Singapore doing something we both like – shopping! So, after doing our morning rituals, Peach and I headed to the outlet stores of Cotton On and Billabong and, of course, to have a tour of Ikea!

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Surviving Singapore with Php 5,000 Pocket Money: National Museum of Singapore

Sunday after the Laneway Music Festival, Peach and I were still hungover with Haim and Chvrches.  So, we listened to their music as we were packing our stuff and cleaning Jeremy’s flat up.  Peach was going to bring me to experience Singapore capsule hotel.  So excited!

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Surviving Singapore with Php 5,000 Pocket Money: Laneway Music Festival

Peach prepared an awesome breakfast, something she said I should really have a taste of. We devoured on it while we immersed in the music of Chvrches and Haim, the two bands whose music Peach recommended I familiarize myself with. In between preps, bumming around, and eating the awesomest ice cream invented ever (movenpick!) we were trying to figure out how to sneak vodka in. Haha! And, Peach, being the creative person that she is, of course found an ingenious way. *slow clap*

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Surviving Singapore with Php 5,000 Pocket Money: Walking around Chinatown and Clarke Quay

Days are long in Singapore. Peach was supposed to get up at 6 PM and, while waiting for her to come out of her sleep, I waited for darkness to slowly swallow the sky on the balcony of Jeremy’s flat. Being alone and experiencing Singapore winds was a welcome reprieve from the stressful work I’ve chosen to dwell in and made me feel grateful again for the wonderful life that I’m living.

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Surviving Singapore with Php 5,000 Pocket Money: Ready, Set, Go!

It is my first visit to Singapore and I must say that I’m loving it! And, uhm, that’s saying something ‘cos I haven’t seen much of it yet. :)

I picked Peach up from Tivoli at around 3:30 AM so we could head together to the airport. We were supposed to meet at 3:00 AM but I have just finished packing my stuff then and Peach was only starting to do hers. Yep, crammers we both are. We were already laughing at our antics as soon as she hopped on the cab. This is gonna be a crazy one!

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