Project Breaking Down Barriers: Hello, Lake Sebu!

We asked the driver to bring us to Greenbox, following Manang Oyog’s advice.  We were already there for about 3 minutes when the kids from across the street went down and asked, “Sino sa inyo si Ati Monica?”  So cute!  I introduced myself and Tara and got to know the names of the beautiful kids that we were going to spend the next four days with:  Heng, Potpot, Andi, Tamtam, Dogdog, Boyboy, and Rhea.  There was also Manang Barbara, Manang Oyel, Ate Tisay, and of course, Manang Oyog.

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Project Breaking Down Barriers: Travelling to Lake Sebu

There was no more hitch from Bontoc to Lake Sebu. We got to Manila with enough time to walk to Tara’s apartment in Scout Borromeo, repack, withdraw money from Western Union, and take a cab to the airport. We got to the airport with a few minutes to spare before boarding so I also got to withdraw money from the ATM. When a Cebu Pacific attendant saw Tara’s tattoo, he said, “Fresh na fresh pa po tattoo nyo ah!” To which Tara replied, “Huh?” The flight attendant then said, “Good morning!” Haha!

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Visiting indigenous peoples communities in the Philippines – The start of it all

The last two weeks had been amazing for me.  I learned a lot about myself.  I got to face fears.  And, there were a number of new experiences I never thought I’d ever have.

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