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2 thoughts on “Contact The Boho Travels

  1. Hey Monica, How is it going? I am Rico from Singapore. I saw your blog about Fang-od The Batok tattooist there in the Philippines. How was the experience? I am a man of adventure and stuff and I wanna climb the mountains to get to Buscalan Kalinga. I read you didn’t get a traditional tattoo for yourself? or have you gone back to the village to get it. (: I wanna climb the mountain and get a tattoo as a reward for myself. :D And as well to have something that identifies me as a Filipino. I’d like to hear from you. (:

    • Hi Rico!

      All’s well in my world, thank you. :) Fang-od was really adorable. Meeting her would always be one of the highlights of my traveling experience. Although she didn’t speak a single Tagalog or English word, we got to communicate even without the help of our guide/translator, if you know what I mean. :) The conversations we had with her showed that she was a really good woman and a true leader of her tribe. She’s grounded despite her status. And, I’m sure you’ll love her as much as we did once you meet her!

      Nope, I haven’t gotten my tattoo from her yet. I haven’t gotten around to planning another trip to Buscalan but I really should go back! Perhaps when I get to actually choosing to get myself tattooed. :)

      My friend got herself inked by Fang-od during that same trip I wrote about in my article. She was really happy with the end-product. And, like you (and probably like most who got themselves tattooed by Fang-od), we traveled for hours and trekked the mountains just so she could get that “something” that would identify her as one with Filipino blood. :)

      It was really great hearing from you! And, thanks for visiting my blog! When you get to visit Fang-od, please please let me know. :)

      I hope all’s well in your world. :)

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