Wandering in Wonderful Indonesia: Taman Sari Water Castle

After experiencing the wonderful Taman Sari Underground Mosque, we were off to see another beautiful Indonesian structure, the Taman Sari Water Castle.


The Sultanate of Yogyakarta started building the Taman Sari Water Castle in the mid-18th century.  Although one can see that it has already deteriorated, I can still see that it was once a total beauty.


According to our guide, this pool was where the members of the royal family would have girls over from whom they can choose  to spend the night with.


They would spend time in the sauna room.  And, near this spot is the staircase where the male members of the royal family would stay to check the girls out.


After our short tour of the place, we went to their sort of backyard, where we saw artists working on Indonesian crafts.






Here’s also where we saw non-locals resting under the tree to refresh. Cool!


Because of the scorching heat of the sun, Angge, Kuya Anton, and I opted to rest for a while. Just before we headed to Cokelat Monggo that Angge added to our itinerary on the day we arrived in Jogjakarta. 🙂


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