Project Breaking Down Barriers: Hello, Lake Sebu!

We asked the driver to bring us to Greenbox, following Manang Oyog’s advice.  We were already there for about 3 minutes when the kids from across the street went down and asked, “Sino sa inyo si Ati Monica?”  So cute!  I introduced myself and Tara and got to know the names of the beautiful kids that we were going to spend the next four days with:  Heng, Potpot, Andi, Tamtam, Dogdog, Boyboy, and Rhea.  There was also Manang Barbara, Manang Oyel, Ate Tisay, and of course, Manang Oyog.

Manang Oyog showed us where we were going to stay.  It was in a gono bong, or the big house.  It would be our home for our entire stay in Lake Sebu.

Gono bong

Where we’re going to sleep is called a klabo, something similar to a princess’ bed but this one’s on the floor.  Each of the four sides has cloth that you can pull down, functioning as a kulambo, protecting one from insects and mosquitos.


The kids of Lake Sebu were so easy to connect with. They’re very open. I also found each individual interesting. I was so sure that I would get to know more about them in the coming days. I couldn’t wait.

About an hour after we arrived, the kids were already making their “ugly” faces with Tara. And, they’re really good at this game!

Kulitan with the kids of School of Living Traditions





Wacky faces of Tara and Dogdog

Kulitan with the kids of School of Living Traditions

Tara and I had dinner at Greenbox.  We ordered sinugbang tilapia with one cup of rice each for Tara and me.  We only paid Php 85.00 for the entire meal.  Sweet!

We slept at around 9 PM.  Andi and Tamtam also slept in the gono bong, across us.  Then, at around 2 AM, I was awoken by the need to pee and the unexpected cold.

I put on my hoodie and went out of the klabo.  I was surprised to see that there were a couple more figures covered in blankets.  I went out of the gono bong to check how dark it would be to go to the washroom and decided that I would wake up one of the two because, err, I wasn’t that tough.  There was no light and there were dogs that were not yet familiar with me.

To the one sleeping on the floor, I said, “Ate, Ate…”  No response.  Again, “Ate, Ate…”  Still no response.  I was ready to go out on my own when the figure got up and said, “Ma’am?”  And, it was a guy!  Hahaha!  I said, “Sorry ha, pero pwede mo ba ako samahan mag-cr?  Ihing-ihi na kasi ako eh.  Eh, may mga aso.  Baka kagatin ako.”  He obliged.

After doing that thing that badly needed to do, I profusely thanked him and went back to sleep.

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