First ever meet-up: Chilling out in Sanur, Bali, Indonesia

My Indonesia journey still is not done.  I had planned on extending my stay for two more days to visit Sanur.  Rob and Chimeg joined and we stayed in one hostel.  That got me to appreciate Rob more.  She and Chimeg could’ve stayed somewhere else but I saw that he wanted to be closer to his team. That says a lot about his character and how down to earth he is 🙂

Rina helped us find a hostel.  Once we’ve settled, Rob, Chimeg and I looked for a place to have dinner.  It was a Chinese restaurant where I asked Rob about how the company started.  Learning about it makes me see how a simple idea can blossom into something really big.  What’s important is your intention to make it work and acting on that intention.  My week is already complete. <3

The following day, we planned to watch the sunrise.  While Kuta is a great place to watch the sun set, Sanur is the best place to watch the sun rise.  I guess, I was too tired then, Rob and Chimeg had to wake me up so we wouldn’t miss it!  LOL

The sun was a bit shy that morning.  But, the quietness, the peacefulness of the place, one that you’d look for and appreciate if you live in the noisier part of the metro.

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Missing mornings like this. #sanur #bali #indonesia #lumangluma #latergram

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Add to that is the opportunity to witness two love birds.  I see beautiful things for ’em two <3 Chimeg and I walked more while Rob headed back to the hostel to work.  There were people doing yoga, strolling along the beach, and preparing to start their day.  It was such a welcome respite before I head back home the next day.

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Relishing quiet mornings. #sanurbali #indonesia

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We had dinner with Stef and Rina.  Rina was such a ninja taking the bill haha!  I was so happy, cos I didn’t have a lot of money with me anymore.  But, more than that, I was so happy to spend my last evening with them.  Oh, and did I share that I slept in Chimeg’s and Rob’s room before heading out?  Haha!  Rob was too scared that I’d miss my flight so he and Chimeg set an alarm for me.  So cute!

On the way to the airport, I cannot help but feel grateful.  For the week that has been.  For the love that engulfed me the entire time.  And, for the year that will be for the team.  I am so excited and I am looking forward to the next meet up. See you soon, Rob and Chimeg!

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P.S. Thank YOU! And, in whatever space you are in now, I hope that you got something from reading this post. Talk to you soon!

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