I love Baguio: Fireplace

Rio and I talked about which places I might want to go to during my visit to Baguio.  I told her of this place that my friend and I went to in Kamias, where we watched a band play old songs.  The band was legit.  But, maybe because they play old songs, the place also attracts DOM-like people, such that my friend and I swore we would never tell anyone we went there.  Rio said she wouldn’t want to go to the places I go to because it’s, uhm, social suicide.  Haha!

So, when I went to Baguio, she said that she’s going to bring me to this place called Fireplace, where one of her favorite bands, the Smooth Band, plays regularly.

Smooth Band

Smooth Band with guest singer

We went there a couple of times on a Thursday.  And, they played really well!  I prefer alternative and reggae music but I couldn’t help but enjoy the soothing voice of the band members, their impeccable instrument-playing skills, and the comic relief provided by one of their vocalists.

Favorite Kuya

Smooth Band

Tito Mar, Rio’s Tatay, was so sweet that he asked Rio to request that they play a reggae song for us.  At first, I was telling Rio, “That’s not reggae…” and then they just surprised me and made it really reggae-like!  It was the last song they played for the evening and I just enjoyed it, together with the other songs they sang for us, immensely.

Tito Mario

The ambiance that the place provides helped, too. 🙂


And, the awesome company, definitely. 🙂

Father and Daughter


The Fireplace Bar & Restaurant
Address: Villa Cordillera, Outlook Drive, Baguio City, Philippines, 2600
How to get there:  I don’t think there’s any jeepney that passes by Villa Cordillera.  So, you can either bring a car or take a cab and just as the driver to bring you to Villa Cordillera in Outlook Drive.

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