I love Baguio

I am not sure why I love Baguio so much.  Maybe because it provides me with the peace and tranquility that I usually need when I go up the mountains.  Or, maybe because it allows me to write, uninterrupted.  Or, maybe because it’s there where I had a lot of awesome conversations with friends I made from UP Baguio.  Or, maybe because it was where I got to watch my favorite band, Brownman Revival, as if it was a surprise for me because I was having a bad time. Or, maybe because it’s the home of artists and people who seem to live an inspired life.  Or, maybe because it’s where I fell in love again after years of consciously avoiding it.

What I’m certain of, though, is that Baguio has always been my respite.  When I was still working for the House of Representatives, I would pack my bags and go to Baguio, almost on a weekly basis, to have just a few days of reprieve from everything that’s going on in my life.  And, just after a few days spent there, I would go back to Manila recharged and ready to face another week of political work.

In 2010, when things started to get hazy, I knew that I needed Baguio to pick me up again.  And, because, dramatic as it may seem, what happened then was incomparable to the political work I used as an excuse a few years back to go to Baguio, I had to do it twice over a span of a month (plus a trip to Tagaytay).

The first experience was different from the other.  The first was intended for me to have fun while the second was really to have quiet and just ponder about things.  All the same, though, both provided me with the clearing that I badly needed.  And, which I would like to share with you. 🙂

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