Journeying North Luzon: Microtel by Wyndham – Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija

Arriving in Cabanatuan gave me the chills.  Having visited Nueva Ecija countless times before, it’s like stepping onto an all-too-familiar place that you’ve never seen for a long time.

The last time I visited Nueva Ecija was last year.  I had planned to visit my cousins and aunts again late last year and pushed back again to early this year, but priorities shifted.  Sometimes, I feel bad that I get to spend time and energy, not minding the hassles and exhaustion, in visiting other countries or provinces in the Philippines.  But, visiting Nueva Ecija, which was supposed to be easy peasy, was something I never really prioritized.  While I’m pretty open, the why behind it is something that I opt not to share in this blog. 🙂

But, I do miss visiting Nueva Ecija.  It would always be as if I got to know my father a bit more every time I’m there, like a barrier is broken down.  And, I get to have a peek at my father’s life – his fond stories of his childhood and stories of his experiences that molded him into who he is now.

What to do

While I frequented Nueva Ecija when I was a kid, my knowledge of the place only goes as far as the backyard of the house where my father grew up in.  Finally, I would get a chance to go around and visit places that my father has stepped onto, or probably knew of but haven’t really visited.  I only have about 24 hours in Nueva Ecija during this visit and I was definitely looking forward to the experience. Below are some of the places we got to see. 🙂

Philippine Carabao Center, Science City of Munoz

Central Luzon State University’s College of Fisheries and Hydroponics Park

Aquino-Diokno Memorial at Fort Magsaysay

Where to eat

Great food has always been part of my visits to Nueva Ecija.  As we were already starving, I couldn’t help but be excited with what food we will be served.  I knew I would be well pleased.

Umart Cafe in CLSU

Served with delicacies from Nueva Ecija, it was a trip down to memory lane for me.  I remember fiestas and birthdays I would attend when I was younger and how each meal would always leave me full and satisfied.  Kaldereta, sauteed vegetables, and the mouthwatering sweets for dessert.  We tried the tilapia ice cream, too.  Interesting <3

Bistro 360

For dinner, we ate at the food facility within Microtel Cabanatuan’s vicinity, Bistro 360.  We indulged in their roasted pork belly, laing, and salad.  All super yum, such that our group enjoyed devouring in their goodness while we enjoyed the conversations we had.

Puno’s Ice Cream & Sherbet

After perspiring for most of the day because of the heat, something cold was what we were looking for. Puno’s ice cream and sherbet was definitely a treat.

Where to stay in Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija – Microtel by Wyndham – Cabanatuan

Located in the quaint community of Sta. Arcadia, Microtel Cabanatuan served as our refuge after a tiring day full of activities and traveling from one province to another. The warm welcome they gave me and a few friends and how they accommodated our requests definitely made our stay very pleasant, much like being in your own home. The ever-comfortable chiropractic-approved beds gave me a relaxing and great night’s sleep.

And, the good running water (and bidet!) plus perfectly working A/C refreshed us, despite and after being under the heat of the sun the entire day.

While I’ve been to Nueva Ecija countless times before, I will definitely consider staying again at Microtel Cabanatuan – to relax after a full day of activities visiting places of interest. I hope you will consider this place, too. 🙂

Microtel by Wyndham – Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija
Address: Sta. Arcadia, Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija, 3100
Check-in Time: 2.00 p.m.
Check-out Time: 12.00 p.m.
Contact Number: +63.43.958.7777
Email address:

Next stop:  Baguio <3

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