Project Breaking Down Barriers: Before leaving Buscalan

The following morning, Tara and I woke up with happy hearts.  We had an awesome conversation with Fang-od the previous day, met the very hospitable people of Buscalan in the afternoon, and slept really well on Fang-od’s home’s wooden floor.

First thing that Tara told me was, “Good morning!  I want to get another line.”  So, we told Manong Francis about the decision and he relayed it to Fang-od.

There was a chance that we’d miss the last jeepney ride to Bontoc but both Tara and I knew that if she doesn’t push through with “completing” her tattoo, it would become a regret.  And, I’m all for supporting her in what she wants.  After all, meeting Fang-od and getting her tattoo from the last Kalinga tattoo artist started this whole journey.

Fang-od, the last Kalinga tattoo artist

So after the breakfast that I definitely needed to prepare for the hike back to Tinglayan, Fang-od and Tara went to work. Tara’s arm was already swollen that morning so she now could feel a bit of pain while getting the last line on her arm.  But, she was still smiling after everything because, hey, the experience was truly awesome!

The artist and the canvas

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