Emo-ing at Moon Garden

I’ve been to Tagaytay several times before.  But, it would always be about going to tourist spots with my family.  It was only in October 2010, when I started seeing Tagaytay as a good enough substitute for Baguio, my go-to whenever I needed a pick-me-up.  And, this change in perspective about the city was because of Moon Garden, a place of sanctuary in Tagaytay.

Carla and I met at the bus station by MRT Taft and took the BSC bus.  We asked to be dropped off the Tagaytay terminal, where we took a trike to what would be our home for the next few hours.

There were several options we looked at for our overnight accommodation.  We wanted it to be a place where we could read in silence and have conversations every once in a while.  Plus, get in touch with nature and experience the cool Tagaytay breeze.  Moon Garden provided these things for us.

Moon Garden entrance

Moon Garden

The room where we stayed at had a big and comfortable bed.

Big bed

It also had this sort of reading/dining area with an awesome window that gives you a good view of the greens outside.

Room window

Room window (Photo by Carla Grepo)

Room shot

And, their bath area was spacious and provided a relaxing feel that made me want to spend a bit more time there.

Bath area

Bath area (Photo by Carla Grepo)

I’m not sure if there were a lot of guests at that time because it seemed to me like we owned the place.  It was practically deserted, which worked fine for us.  We had late lunch at this lovely place…

Where we had late lunch

Late Lunch (Photo by Carla Grepo)

Where we got to view some of their displayed artworks.

From where we had late lunch

From where we had late lunch

We had breakfast here.

Where we had breakfast

Carla during breakfast

Breakfast (Photo by Carla Grepo)

And, enjoyed our coffee, read, and relax at this beautiful spot.

Where we had our coffee, read our books, and had our conversations




A bonus was we saw a rainbow!


The only thing that I didn’t quite like about Moon Garden was it had lots of mosquitoes. So, better bring your repellents or request the staff for citronella to avoid getting  mosquito bites.

Yes, it was a bit pricey.  But, if you want to experience peace and quiet in Tagaytay, get the chance to read, ponder on things, or spend time with a friend or loved one, all while being in touch with nature, like what this experience provided  me, then staying at Moon Garden is definitely worth every penny.

We'll be back! (Photo by Carla Grepo)

Moon Garden Tagaytay
Address: Aguinaldo Highway, 4120 Tagaytay, Tagaytay, Philippines
Check-in time: 2:00 PM
Check-out time: 12:00 NN
Contact number: +63.939.913.9097
How to get there: Take the BSC bus behind MRT Taft station. Ask the driver to drop you off Tagaytay terminal. Take a trike to Moon Garden.

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  1. Anchor it down

    This place looks so nice. I’ll make a note of it for when I visit the Philippines in the future.

    1. monica

      It is very nice! And, just a couple of hours away from Manila. 🙂

  2. Nicolai

    Cozy place! Try to check out Estancia Hotel also in Tagaytay, it’s also a beautiful place to stay at.

    1. monica

      Thanks, Nicolai! Have you stayed at Estancia?

  3. Nicolai

    Yes, I spent Valentines there. I think they renovated the place recently, it almost looked new. I’ll be posting about Estancia maybe within this week. You can check out the photos there. 🙂

    1. monica

      Yay, thank you!

  4. Diana

    the places you visit should give you a discount! you make me want to go there. and the photos are great, too. 🙂

    1. monica

      Haha! Thanks, Diana. 🙂 Go visit it! It’s a good place to write, too. 🙂

      I love your new works, btw. I genuinely look forward to more of. 🙂

      1. Diana

        that’s very kind of you! will try not to disappoint 🙂

  5. bigriser

    Nice blog, I really like your pics. Do you inform the places that you go to that you will feature them in your blog? Do they comp you for your stay and lodging?

    1. monica

      Hello and thanks for dropping by!

      No, they don’t know that I’ll be featuring them in this blog and I’ve never gotten any complimentary anything for writing about them. 🙂 In fact, some of the places I visited and the experiences I write about happened a couple of years ago, when this blog was still inexistent. 🙂

      I’m happy to know that you like the pictures. You take very good ones, too!

      1. bigriser

        Thanks Monica, I’m a new hand at this blogging thing–still trying to get the look i want. Figuring out how to customize the overall look for the site. Your page looks quite nice , much better than my work in progress.

        1. monica

          I think, though, that what you have right now is quite nice! Especially since you want to highlight the photos you’ve taken and have a bit of space for your writing (which I think is awesome, btw), right? I also do a bit of experimenting in the themes I use, which basically depends on the mood and the feel that I would like to have for that particular time. Haha! I’m actually thinking of changing it again. But, let’s see. 🙂

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