Sinulog Weekend 2014 with the Buddies: Daghang salamat, Cebu!

I was supposed to follow Sarji and Mccoy at Robinson’s, where Mccoy was spinning again.  Having missed his set in Paintensity, I kind of wanted to watch him do his thing.  But, after experiencing the crazy crowd, the introvert in me backed out. So, I just spent the evening in our hotel room, which I had all to myself for the first time.  Yipee! 🙂

So, I packed my bags, took a bath, and watched television.  I also got the chance to watch some legit fireworks from the roof deck, which was so cool, by the way.  Then, I looked at the pictures I took and experienced the experience again (if you know what I mean), while feeling the cool Cebu breeze.

Truth be told, I can’t figure out what I love most about this trip –

Sarji charming the check-in counter lady with his good looks so they would still let me in even if I was late?

The awesome conversation with buds while we were waiting for a cab and on our way to Cebu City?

Seeing Angge being in the zone in the presence of her new Aussie friends?

Sharing a room with my favorite Tagaytay buddies, in Cebu?

Meeting friends from Manila who also happened to be in Cebu for Sinulog?

Enjoying Paintensity with my awesome buddies…

… new-found friends…

… with the crazy Sinulog crowd?

Or, was it experiencing Sunday Sinulog festivities with this awesome bunch?

I still can’t decide. Haha! All I know is that I loved every bit of my Sinulog 2014 experience. And, I sure am glad that I had it with the friends I love. 🙂

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