Sinulog Weekend 2014 with the Buddies: First day madness

So, I wasn’t supposed to attend Sinulog this year.  I had intended on focusing my resources on my Singapore trip scheduled to happen at the end of the month.  But, because I was reminded that I had put “attending all major festivals in the Philippines” in my bucket list and since my friends Angge and Therese would also be there, 2014 had to be the year I experience Sinulog. So I asked Sarji, who’d been talking about going to Sinulog for the past couple of weeks, if he’s already booked his flights.  He said, “I’m gonna book if you’re gonna book.”  And so, I scoured the internet for cheap-ish flights right then and there.  Before I slept, RT tickets from Manila to Cebu were booked. This was going to be a blast. I just knew it. 🙂

The week of Sinulog was kind of a hellish one for me. There were a few proposals due for the month of January and, being that fundraising is one of those on my plate, I had to endeavor to be on top of things. But, in between work, I couldn’t help but be excited for Cebu. It was going to be the first time Angge, Sarji, and I were travelling together (excluding bumming in Tagaytay, of course) to experience culture and have fun. And, it was going to be our first Sinulog so we didn’t know what to expect. And, it was also kind of exciting ‘cos they were going to sneak me in at the hotel. Haha!

Sarj got to the airport a few hours before our flight. It was a good thing, too! ‘Cos he had time to charm the check-in officer into waiting for me before they closed the counters. I was late and almost didn’t make it in time. But, thanks to Sarji’s good looks and natural charisma, AirAsia let me check in even if I came in a few minutes after the supposed cut off. Woohoo!!!

As soon as we landed at the Mactan Airport in Cebu, Sarji called Angge to confirm directions to Diamond Hotel, where we would all be staying with Angge’s workmates.

Since there were a lot of people who flew in to Cebu for Sinulog, we had to wait for about an hour before we got to board a cab to Cebu City.

We got to the hotel after about thirty minutes. She asked us to meet her at the roof deck, where she was having drinks with her new Aussie friends.

As soon as I saw the roof deck, I got why Angge said that it would be the least skanky place we would be sleeping in that’s within our budget. The place was amazing. They had seats where one could just chill, have coffee, smoke, and simply enjoy the feeling of being on top of the world. And, I was so happy that I was in Cebu with my two awesome buddies. Yes, I am living my life and I am loving my life. 🙂

After Angge finished her bottle of Red Horse (yes, you read it right – Angge’s leveled up), we went to our room, set it up so that all five of us would fit in it, then just chilled for a bit. And, I mean just a bit ‘cos I had to finish a part of the paper for the proposal we were working on.

It was also because of that that I had to skip dinner with them and the new Australian friends (they ate at Zubuchon!). So, after finishing what had to be submitted, I met my friend, Therese, then we went to see them. As soon as we were together again, I said to Sarj, “I’M BAAAACK!!!” To which he replied, “Welcome back, buddy!” Haha! I was ready to have fun!

We went back to the hotel to regroup.

Then, I realized that I haven’t had dinner yet. At 11:30 PM. So we again went out and searched for a place where I could munch on something. Sarj and I each had a bottle of beer while Therese had cocktails. Angge, on the other hand, was still kind of drunk from her Red Horse (kidding!) so she just had water. We had conversations about life and love. Then, called it a night. Saturday wouldn’t disappoint, I was sure. 🙂

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