Sinulog Weekend 2014 with the Buddies: Paintensity Experience

Our second day in Cebu for Sinulog 2014 didn’t disappoint.  We started our day slow (the kind I definitely like!) with each of us doing our own thing (Angge had breakfast with her relatives, Sarji and I had conversations about life and love at the roof deck, Angge’s workmate Joy who we met the previous night had late breakfast with her grandfather).  I also had about an hour to enjoy my coffee, which Sarji prepared (Thanks, buds!), and the cool Cebu breeze.  Alone.  At the roof deck.  It was not once that I told myself that “Yes, I am living my life.” 🙂

Good morning!

Since it was already about 2 PM and I haven’t had lunch yet, I went to Ayala Mall alone to get more of my caffeine fix for that day. But, Starbucks was too jam packed for my liking (it WAS Sinulog weekend, after all) so I opted to walk around the mall (and get lost!) and settle down at Pancake House for an order of taco and coffee.

While I was enjoying my food and drink and happily observing people as they walked by, Angge gave me a call to check on where I was. She was on her way back to the hotel to just lounge.  But, in the end, we agreed to meet up and she would just go with me to meet Marky of Nomadic Experiences, a friend and fellow Pinoy Travel Blogger, and some new friends from Manila who also happened to be in Cebu for Sinulog.

Although we’ve had several online conversations, it was the first time I was going to meet Marky in person. He’s very soft-spoken, man! It was not at all the way I envisioned him to be, based on the way he writes. People do surprise. 🙂  (Sorry, no picture, though as my camera was with Therese, who was supposed to do skydiving that morning.)

That afternoon was also kind of funny because, while Angge excused herself to buy our Sinulog shirts at a nearby mall, someone asked, “So, how do you guys know each other?” Then, I realized, it was the first time I’ve personally met all of those people in the table! Not bad for a self-confessed introvert, eh? 😛

Then, we got a call from Sarji asking us to drop by Cable Car for Paintensity. His friend, McCoy, an RX DJ, was going to spin from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. But, because we weren’t really in the mood for loud music, we kind of put going there off until 8:15 PM. And, the choice of actually going there was because we love Sarji and we couldn’t say no to him. Haha!

As soon as we alighted, we heard the music. And, yes, I just knew that it was going to be an awesome night. 🙂

Angge, Joy, Sarji, McCoy, and I had a few drinks inside the bar. We would go out once in a while to smoke and enjoy the music and feel the good vibes exuded by the people. It was just really sooo awesome that I had to call my friend, Justine, who was supposed to be in Sinulog, to tell her that she should really have been there! Haha!

Monica, Angge, and Joy at Paintensity! (Joy's cam)

Then, the next thing I knew was that we were already at the backstage, enjoying the music and dancing to the beat of with some space for ourselves.


Sarj and DJ Mccoy at Paintensity!


And, because it’s PAINTensity, Sarji couldn’t help himself but actually put paint on us! Haha!

Sarji, Therese, and Monica at Paintensity!

F U!

Angge and Therese at Paintensity!

Joy and McCoy at Paintensity!

The crowd was wild, too! And, the whole production was simply awesome. 🙂

Play of Lights



At one point, Angge said, “I’m sober.  It’s so wrong!”  Haha!  But, you know what?  I didn’t mind.  I was super happy I got to spend that evening with my wonderful buddies.  And, I didn’t even need alcohol to enjoy it.  The music, the space, the crowd, the people all translated to a natural high.

Angge, Therese, Monica, McCoy, and Joy at Paintensity! (Photo taken by Sari Ruiz)

Monica and Sarji at Paintensity!

And, I was happy knowing that the good vibes that we were experiencing then were also being experienced by a couple of friends in Manila, who were having quite an off night.  After listening to their rants, they asked me where I was and how I was doing.  I told them that I was in Cebu with Sarji and Angge.  And, one said, “I’m sooo happy!  You made me feel alive knowing that you’re living your life and having such wonderful time with two people you love!”  That made my night. 🙂

Again, thanks, Sarji and McCoy!  Lakas nyo! 🙂

Sarj, Monica, Angge, and McCoy at Paintensity!

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