Sinulog Weekend 2014 with the Buddies: Fluvial Parade Adventure

Still high from last night’s Paintensity, we still knew we had to get up a bit early.  Angge and Joy were leaving at 6:00 PM for their flight back to Manila and we wanted to experience as much of Sunday Sinulog festivities as we could.  That’s what we went here for anyway. 🙂

So, after Angge and I had our free breakfast, we went to Ayala Mall to do some pasalubong and water shopping.  Angge was walking faster than usual.  Err.  And, Angge’s taller than I am, you see.  So, her strides are longer.  But, I’ve learned not to stress myself out too much just to catch up with her.  We would see each other at the destination anyway. 😛

After grocery shopping, Angge stopped by the stall where they sell Sinulog shirts.  I was so happy ‘cos I didn’t know how else I could buy pasalubong for my family.  Angge said, “I had to set the pace for us so you could have your 10 minutes of shopping.”  Sweet!!! 🙂

We then picked Joy up from the hotel and went our way to enjoy the Sinulog festivities together. 🙂

Angge, Monica, and Joy (Joy's cam)

Joy with Rhasta Manongs

Angge and Monica at Sinulog Parade

In between making our way through the crowd, I was in communication with Sarji (who was with McCoy) and Therese.  Although I knew that we wouldn’t be together the entire time we were in Cebu, we were kind of being clingy to each other since we got here.  Haha!  So, I had to check what their plans were. 😛

Sinulog Parade



When Therese communicated that she wanted to spend the afternoon with us, we then made our way to where we would meet.  Because we’re all Cebu newbies, we had to get a cab.  But, it was kind of difficult getting one because of the numerous streets that were closed for the festivities.  So, when Angge (who hates jogging) saw one, she ran for it. Literally.  It was one for the movies!  Haha!

Therese let us have lunch at her family’s place and they served awesome food!  My favorite was the beef we watched being roasted.  🙂

Then, we walked through the sidelines as we watched the parade go by.  We, of course, stopped every once in a while.  To take these pictures.

Sinulog Parade

Sinulog Parade

Sinulog Parade

Well, a more accurate way of putting it is that they were kind of forced to stop every once in a while.  So I could take pictures. Haha!  I love my friends! 🙂

Angge, Monica and Therese at Sinulog Parade

Therese, Joy and Angge at Sinulog Parade

Sinulog! (Therese's cam)

As we walked our way through the crowd, we passed by the bleachers where Angge knew his Uncle Phil was going to be. She said, “There he is!” without me actually seeing who he was pointing at. I asked Angge, “Is he the one in black? And, is your tita the one in red?” She was like, “How did you know?!” Haha! Angge introduced us all to him as we waved while she said each of our names. It was funny and cool! 😀

Angge's Uncle Phil on the Bleachers

While we were busy taking things in, Therese said that we were going to cross an intersection and she advised me to brace myself for the sea of people.

Sea of People

But, well, by now you should know that I seldom listen to warnings such as that. Haha! Good thing, Angge was wearing her National Geographic bandana and she’s tall so as long as I could see her head, I was fine. But, there was a point when Joy and I kind of lost Angge and Therese and it didn’t help that the signal was pretty bad.

So, Joy and I had to make sure we didn’t lose each other. Joy was saying, “Sorry, pawis na pawis ako. (Sorry, I’m soaked in sweat.)” I was like, “Dude, yung pawis nga nung katabi ko naaabsorb na ng skin ko, ‘yung sa’yo pa kaya mag-iinarte pa’ko? (Dude, my skin is absorbing the sweat of people I don’t know. You think I mind that I’m feeling your sweat?)” Haha!

There was also a point when we weren’t moving. At all. And, the crowd was kind of getting agitated (it was a good thing, though, that it wasn’t very hot that afternoon). And, I was uhm losing my chill-ness. And, because I recognized that, I realized that the source of which was that I didn’t understand what people around me were talking about. So, I thought, “What if I ask them, ‘Kuya, ano pong ibig sabihin nung sinasabi nyo?’ (roughly translating it, ‘Kuya, can you please let me know in Tagalog or English what you just said?’)” Haha! Well, I didn’t ask. ‘Cos I was already laughing inside at how silly I can become in times like this one. 😛

When Joy and I finally saw Angge and Therese, I felt really grateful. Scaredy cat, I was. Haha! Then, Angge said, “Look, I found someone to hold hands with in Cebu!” Yes, a future I see! 😛


Then, we kind of had to cross the space where the parade was being held. Joy and Therese already made their way through it but Angge and I got stuck. I was asking Angge some stuff and Angge said, “Dude, shut up and be alert.” “Be alert to what? To jump over or crawl under?” I asked. And, she just pointedly looked at me. Haha!

Since the guys weren’t letting anyone in anymore, Therese had to talk to the policemen so they would let us pass. Good thing Therese is from Cebu, knows how to speak Cebuano, and she loves us dearly, so we got to cross the line. Woohoo! And, we also got to take this picture (which was so hard to capture, by the way, because the girl’s top was constantly moving). Haha!

Sinulog Parade

But, the adventure that was Sinulog didn’t end there. People weren’t letting anyone pass through without a fight. Angge had to “break” a barrier just so we could crawl under it and we could at least have a fighting chance of finding our way to Casa Escano, owned by Angge’s uncle, and where we would be spending our time before going back to the hotel. Oh yes, because I am such a loser, I got bruised while I crawled under that broken barrier. 😀

When we finally found our way to some open space, Angge and Therese, as usual, went ahead while I took this shot of Joy. With Kuya Photobomber. 😛 Of course, I couldn’t let him get away with it. So, I told him, “Kuya, sumama ka na. (Kuya, join her!)” Yes, I can be like that. 😛

Joy with Kuya Photobomber

Then, we had to face our last battle with the crowd. While Joy and I were making our way through a turn, guys were kind of using their strength to get through. And, I didn’t want to break my arm. So, I told Joy to just go ahead and I’ll find her after. Because I was a bit scared being alone, I just knew I had to strike a conversation with the people around me. There was a line of manongs trying to balance themselves on the pavements and I told them, “Kuya, ingat po kayo! (Kuya, please be careful!)” with a smile. They said, “Opo nga, Ma’am, eh. Ang hirap. (Yes, Ma’am. It’s kind of difficult, though.) I replied, “Kayang-kaya nyo po ‘yan! (I’m sure you can do it!)” And, that helped, really. They kind of gave me some space so I could pass through. Hihihi!

Same thing kind of happened a few minutes after. A motorcycle was parked and people were already kind of pushing their way through. Of course, I didn’t want to get bruised again and I didn’t want other people to get hurt as well. So, as I was passing through it and the girl was kind of occupying all of the space available, I said out loud, “Pwede pong tumagilid tayo para po makadaan? (Can we please walk sideways so we could pass through?)” And, she did! Without a fight! Hihihi. Smiling at people and connecting with them really gets you somewhere. 🙂

Then, I finally saw Joy! And, Angge! And, Therese! Yay! Therese had to leave us and join some of her other friends while Angge, Joy, and I made our way to Casa Escano.

Angge’s uncle and aunt are both so adorable. And, the food they served were uber awesome! It was a good cap to our Sunday Sinulog festivities. 🙂

Casa Escano

And, while we devoured our orders, the three of us did recaps of the last couple of hours.

Joy, Monica, and Angge at Casa Escano (Joy's cam)

Angge and I are used to experiencing uhm weird, wild, and crazy adventures together. But, having  gone through Sunday Sinulog 2014 with her, Joy, and Therese, was overwhelming. I loved every bit of it, yo!

Joy, Angge, Monica and Therese at Sinulog (Therese's cam)

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