Project Breaking Down Barriers*

In the first two weeks of December 2012, I traveled with a friend to Kalinga, Mountain Province, South Cotabato, Cebu, Bohol, and Samar to visit indigenous peoples communities.  We got to visit 5 tribes and for 2013, I intend to visit more. I want to learn more about our communities, their history, people, culture, art. And, support the preservation of our heritage by bringing their products to the city and writing about them. I don’t know yet how this is gonna happen, so whoever has any ideas, please feel free to let me know how we can make this possible! Thank you!


Tinglayan tribe from Tinglayan, Kalinga

Tinglayan, Kalinga, Philippines

Butbut tribe from Buscalan, Kalinga

Traditional Kalinga Tattoo

Guina-ang tribe from the Mountain Province

Guina-ang, Mountain Province

T’boli tribe from Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

Manang Barbara, the Dreamweaver, in action

Eskaya tribe from Duero, Bohol

46 Letters of Eskaya Alphabet



*The name “Project Breaking Down Barriers” was given by my friend, Sarji Ruiz, while I was sharing with him my vision for this project, over milk tea along Tomas Morato.

13 thoughts on “Project Breaking Down Barriers*

    • Thank you, Chiara! Ikaw yata dapat kong i-consult, eh. Dahil sa dami mo nang napuntahan. Baka may suggestions ka on how I could do it. Hihi. Write more, write more! I wanna read more of your posts. :-)

      • Haha, I’ve yet to reach some of the places you’ve visited and written about. But surely happy to help! If you’re ever interested to share a story for LAC’s website, just let me know. ;) Salamat, Monica! Happy travels!

        • Of course I’m interested!!! Haha! Pag hindi ka na masyadong busy ay baka pwede nating pag-usapan what kind of article LAC would be interested in publishing. :) Btw, I saw that you’re going to shoot in another paradise. Inggit!!! Haha! Enjoy it, enjoy it! Looking forward to your posts. :)

  1. Monica! You don’t know how much I have loved re visiting the photos and places with you again.

    My little tribe of three will come back to the Phils and travel with again.

    ohhhh this was much fun wasn’t it.

    Im so happy to see you continue on with your back pack.

    Love lots from down under


    • Tara! I get that, too, everytime I look at the photos taken during our trip. :) Thank you again for inviting me to do it with you!

      Sooo looking forward to seeing you and Matt again and finally meeting Hawk and giving all of you a hug! See you guys soon! :)

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