Wandering in Wonderful Indonesia: Puro Mangkunegaran

For our first day in Jogjakarta, we had intended to just check in at our hotel, decide on what we would want to do for the next few days, and do some shopping in Malioboro in the afternoon.  But, after having met the wonderful Herman at the airport and loving the gudeg he had us taste for breakfast, we knew that we had found our driver for our entire stay in Jogjakarta and had to go see places on our first day.

Angge had wanted to see Sukuh Temple, which is quite far from where we were staying.  So, she asked if there are any other spots we could visit on our way there.  Herman brought us to Puro Mangkunegaran, which is the palace of the Mangkunegara Princes.

Before entering the Pendopo Ageng (The Great Pendopo Pavilion), we were asked to remove our footwear and were given plastic bags, where we could place them.


We were welcomed by this lion, which, according to our guide, serves as a guard of the palace.

Puro Mangkunegaran

In this pavilion is where you can also find a Kumudawati painting, as part of its ceiling design.  The eight colors in the middle of each, signifies the following:

Kumudawati painting

  • Yellow – prevents sleepiness
  • Blue – against disaster
  • Black – against hunger
  • Green – against desire or frustration
  • White – against lust
  • Rose – against fear
  • Red – against evil
  • Purple – against evil thoughts

One of the Princes, Sri Mangkoenagoro VII, was a collector some sort.  There were golden rings, silver and crystal wears, masks, jewelries, and other things.  One of the coolest (or, perhaps oddest) things that we saw here was that part of the collection were gold genital covers – one for a queen, and a penis cover for a king.  It was said that these were used to prevent either from having intercourse when the other is away.  The cover for the female looked regale and beautiful, to be honest.  But, the one for the King was, for lack of a better term, quite scary.  Kuya had to do a back off when he saw the one for the king.  It was hilarious!

We also got to see some of their beautiful jewelry boxes…

jewelry box

jewelry box

…other rooms…

Puro Mangkunegaran

Puro Mangkunegaran

…and ornaments.

Puro Mangkunegaran

Puro Mangkunegaran

Generally, it is a good place to see.  But, not a stop that I would really want to make if it were just me.  But, because I was with these two history and culture buffs, it was definitely worth paying 15,000 IDR to visit Puro Mangkunegaran.

The three musketeers at Puro Mangkunegaran

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