Project Breaking Down Barriers: Thank you, Lake Sebu

Tara and I woke up early on our last day in Lake Sebu.  She recorded the sound of the morning. I spent a few more minutes in bed and chose to experience the moment, fully.

Manang Oyog cooked breakfast for us. The teenage boys served the food. They were told to explain what the ingredients for each meal were so Tara and I would know. I coaxed them into speaking in English so Tara would get it. And, how they were being while at it was hilarious! Dondon said, “Ate… Ikaw na lang.” I said, “Kayang-kaya n’yo ‘yan!” Both Jayjay and Dondon were still trying to figure out how to say it to Tara when Tonton went up and said, “This is rice. Or, kanin in Tagalog. This is good with the ulam (pointing at our viands). So, this is rice!” It was a while before all of us stopped laughing.

We bid farewell to our hosts in Lake Sebu. I hugged each one of the family, whom I have come to love. I just know that they are now part of those people who I will be friends with until forever. 🙂

Cutie Potpot



Pretty Rhea



Adorable Lola and Apo

Mother and daughter


Dondon and Jayjay

Heng and Potpot

Photo taken by a kid of School of Living Traditions


T'boli young ladies

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