Project Breaking Down Barriers: Sorta Creepy Bontoc Experience

We took the first trip to Bontoc.  We got to ride inside this time (phew!).  But, I admit that the view from the roof was way better than from the inside.  Nevertheless, the scenery was still beautiful and being given the chance to see the Chico River and the surrounding mountains still made me feel blessed.

When we got to Bontoc, we decided to first have breakfast in a restaurant and to also see if we could charge our camera batteries and phones.  So, we found the resto that Manong Francis recommended to us.  We went up and took our seats on the balcony.

While waiting for our food, Tara said to me, “I’m using you as a block.”  From a guy who was sitting behind me, facing her.  He, we assumed, followed us when we went up the restaurant.  He ordered a couple of beer bottles and was checking Tara out the entire time.  Tara was annoyed, who wouldn’t be?  And, then, she said, “Oh my God, is that skin I see?”  That’s the point when she emptied one of the bowls on our table and placed it in front of her.  She was sort of knocking the bowl on the table, as if biding her time.  Then, the guy left.

The skin that Tara saw was from the upper part of his stomach, down to below his pelvic bone.  He was standing and had his back on us.  Tara was ready to throw the bowl to his thing, if the guy would make the wrong move of showing even just a bit of it to Tara. Really, how creepy can one get?

The bowl that would've been thrown at you!

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