Dreams do come true: Sample Itinerary for 4 days in Rome, Italy (with 1 day in Vatican City)

I didn’t expect anything from Rome, to be honest.  At some point, I even wanted to skip it and just stay longer in Prague.  But, my parents made the decision more set in stone – my mom is a devout Catholic and this is my way of bringing my travels closer to her; and, my Dad is a history buff and I just know that he’d be the most excited when I share with him pictures from Colosseum and the Roman Forum.  So, I planned the itinerary and listed down the places that I would definitely want to visit in Rome, given the limited time we were there.  And, from this “no expectation” state, I can say that the Rome stop became one of my favorite experiences.

So, here, I share our itinerary.  In case you follow it, I hope it will give you one fine (and inexpensive) stay in Rome, too. :)

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