Life’s a Beach! – Nagsasa Cove Weekend Getaway

Our last stop for this trip Nagsasa Cove, where we would be spending the night.  It was a good thing that we decided to stay here instead of in Anawangin as the latter was more crowded.  We got to Nagsasa just before sunset and it turned out to be a blessing because we got to set up our tents near the water.

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Life’s a beach! – Capones and Anawangin Islands

It was almost not going to happen. Backing out and deciding to be on board again, didn’t transpire only once. And, up to the last minute, too. But, miracle of miracles, we all chose to be in the space of adventure. It was everyone’s first time to camp. It was everyone’s first time to visit the islands. It was our first time to travel with this group. And, it was amazing.

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