Peredo’s Lodging House in Baguio City, My Home away from Home

Peredo’s Lodging House is my accommodation of choice in Baguio City.  Whenever I want to recharge and experience once more the cool Baguio breeze, I almost always stay here and enjoy the coziness of this quaint vacation spot. And, why wouldn’t I?

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I “carpe diem”-ed 2013.

If 2012 was about recreating myself and my life, 2013 was a year of taking things on.  Despite and perhaps because of my commitment issues and fear of making mistakes, at the onset, I was intentional in making 2013 a banner year for my newly-recreated life.  And, truth be told, I enjoyed every bit of it.  :)

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I love Baguio: Fireplace

Rio and I talked about which places I might want to go to during my visit to Baguio.  I told her of this place that my friend and I went to in Kamias, where we watched a band play old songs.  The band was legit.  But, maybe because they play old songs, the place also attracts DOM-like people, such that my friend and I swore we would never tell anyone we went there.  Rio said she wouldn’t want to go to the places I go to because it’s, uhm, social suicide.  Haha!

So, when I went to Baguio, she said that she’s going to bring me to this place called Fireplace, where one of her favorite bands, the Smooth Band, plays regularly.

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