Wandering in Wonderful Indonesia: Candi Mendut

Candi Mendut is a Buddhist temple located in the village of Mendut in Central Java, Indonesia.  Herman brought us to the temple after we visited Candi Borobudur, which is about 3 kilometers away, and after we had a sumptuous lunch of nasi goreng (or, rice in Indonesia) with kambing (or, lamb in Indonesia) – it was so tasty Angge who’s off of rice for a few months now just had to break her diet.

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Wandering in Wonderful Indonesia: Candi Borobudur

The main reason why Angge agreed to include Jogjakarta in our trip to Indonesia was the Temple of Borobudur.  We initially planned to just stay in Bali and chill, which was all fine by me.  But, after I showed her the pictures of Borobudur and probably because she’s very much aware that I really wanted to visit another UNESCO World Heritage site, after the “temple run” I experienced in Angkor Wat, she said yes! Woohoo!

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Wandering in Wonderful Indonesia: Sukuh Temple

Candi Sukuh is one of those temples rarely visited by those who go to Jogjakarta because of the length of time one has to spend to get there and the seeming lack of interesting places to see on the way.  But, since Angge wanted to see it because of something Mayan about it (the shape of the temple looks like a Mayan pyramid) and I’m always up for anything barely visited by tourists, we asked Herman to bring us to Candi Sukuh.

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Wandering in Wonderful Indonesia: Puro Mangkunegaran

For our first day in Jogjakarta, we had intended to just check in at our hotel, decide on what we would want to do for the next few days, and do some shopping in Malioboro in the afternoon.  But, after having met the wonderful Herman at the airport and loving the gudeg he had us taste for breakfast, we knew that we had found our driver for our entire stay in Jogjakarta and had to go see places on our first day.

Angge had wanted to see Sukuh Temple, which is quite far from where we were staying.  So, she asked if there are any other spots we could visit on our way there.  Herman brought us to Puro Mangkunegaran, which is the palace of the Mangkunegara Princes.

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Wandering in Wonderful Indonesia: How we did it

“So, where are we off to next, guys?”  someone asked.  We were on a backpacking trip in Cambodia and Vietnam.  And, while we were enjoying the very chill vibe of Siem Reap, someone replied, “Bali!”

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Wandering in Wonderful Indonesia

So, we had a sort of itinerary, which Angge and I worked on months ago. But, because life outside of travels got in the way, we set it aside and let the universe work.

And, the universe, as always, did its thing.

We got to see the places we intended to visit, like the Temples of Sukuh, Borobudur, and Prambanan, in Java (plus a lot of bonuses, like the Taman Sari Underground Mosque, the Chocolate Factory, and a jeepney trek to Mt. Merapi), and enjoyed their local food in between. And, I got to chill in and swim in the beaches of Bali. Oh, we caught the sunset, too!

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