Sinulog Weekend 2014 with the Buddies: Daghang salamat, Cebu!

I was supposed to follow Sarji and Mccoy at Robinson’s, where Mccoy was spinning again.  Having missed his set in Paintensity, I kind of wanted to watch him do his thing.  But, after experiencing the crazy crowd, the introvert in me backed out. So, I just spent the evening in our hotel room, which I had all to myself for the first time.  Yipee! :)

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Sinulog Weekend 2014 with the Buddies: Paintensity Experience

Our second day in Cebu for Sinulog 2014 didn’t disappoint.  We started our day slow (the kind I definitely like!) with each of us doing our own thing (Angge had breakfast with her relatives, Sarji and I had conversations about life and love at the roof deck, Angge’s workmate Joy who we met the previous night had late breakfast with her grandfather).  I also had about an hour to enjoy my coffee, which Sarji prepared (Thanks, buds!), and the cool Cebu breeze.  Alone.  At the roof deck.  It was not once that I told myself that “Yes, I am living my life.” :)

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Sinulog Weekend 2014 with the Buddies: First day madness

So, I wasn’t supposed to attend Sinulog this year.  I had intended on focusing my resources on my Singapore trip scheduled to happen at the end of the month.  But, because I was reminded that I had put “attending all major festivals in the Philippines” in my bucket list and since my friends Angge and Therese would also be there, 2014 had to be the year I experience Sinulog. So I asked Sarji, who’d been talking about going to Sinulog for the past couple of weeks, if he’s already booked his flights.  He said, “I’m gonna book if you’re gonna book.”  And so, I scoured the internet for cheap-ish flights right then and there.  Before I slept, RT tickets from Manila to Cebu were booked. This was going to be a blast. I just knew it. :)

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