Project Breaking Down Barriers: Stuck in Tinglayan

The plan was, after leaving Fang-od‘s place, we would get our stuff from our hosts in Tinglayan and head to Bontoc, where we could find the bus to Sabangan.

So, we did the trek back to Tulgao.  It was way easier for me this time, when compared to the hike to Buscalan.  The night before, while getting ready to sleep, I revisited my first hiking experience.  And, as fulfilling as it was for me, all I could tell myself was that I was such a weakling.  I was, really.  For almost half of the hike, our guide was pulling me up the mountain because I was having difficulty breathing and my legs were just about ready to give up.  Tara said that, at one point, she doubted if I would make it.  And, I had the same thoughts.



Project Breaking Down Barriers: The adventure of getting to Fang-od’s

Day 3 of our trip.  After eating breakfast, which our host family prepared for us, Tara and I went on to pack the things that we were going to bring to Buscalan, where Tara would be getting her tattoo from Fang-od.  Since Fang-od is living up a mountain, I suggested to Tara that we just bring my bag and have her stuff inside, too.  Then, we could request Manong Francis to carry it for us on our way up. (more…)