Surviving Singapore with Php 5,000 Pocket Money: Walking around Chinatown and Clarke Quay

Days are long in Singapore. Peach was supposed to get up at 6 PM and, while waiting for her to come out of her sleep, I waited for darkness to slowly swallow the sky on the balcony of Jeremy’s flat. Being alone and experiencing Singapore winds was a welcome reprieve from the stressful work I’ve chosen to dwell in and made me feel grateful again for the wonderful life that I’m living.

Night befell Singapore and Peach and I started our evening walking tour. As this trip had been dubbed as the Five Thousand Pesos Singapore Challenge, Peach and I searched for a hawker stall that would allow us to experience the culture. We found one and each of us ordered chicken bryani. It was delish! Not bad for 3.80 SGD with a bottle of water, I must say. 🙂


After dinner, we waited for a bus that would take us to Clarke Quay, our destination for the night. Peach and her handy GPS would be our dependable companion for this trip. But, we missed our stop. Haha!


Peach and I found ourselves in Chinatown instead. The lights were festive and it was the first place in Singapore where I experienced people being around and about, enjoying the nights towards the Chinese New Year.


China Town

China Town

China Town

China Town

We walked around, took a few shots, and made our way back to the MRT, which we would take to get to Clarke Quay. I didn’t know that we would be taking such loooong walks that I wore my boots around. Wrong move, man! So, when we saw a place where we could chill for a while, Peach and I slumped and rested. It was a good spot, too, as we were seated in front of this ride. My heart jumped for those who were on the vehicle. Some sense of adventure these people have!

Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay

We then walked around the area, took a few shots, experienced the magical bridge for about 10 minutes, then made our way back to Jeremy’s flat.

Clarke Quay

Peach took the guest room and I took the couch in the living room. It was a good spot. I had a view of Singapore skyline and I had my ipod playing good music lullabying me to sleep. Tomorrow’s a fun day. Laneway Music Festival, baby!


I visited Singapore with my friend, Peach, from January 31 to February 3, 2014.  And, most of the entries in this series were written while I was there.

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