Surviving Singapore with Php 5,000 Pocket Money: Laneway Music Festival

Peach prepared an awesome breakfast, something she said I should really have a taste of. We devoured on it while we immersed in the music of Chvrches and Haim, the two bands whose music Peach recommended I familiarize myself with. In between preps, bumming around, and eating the awesomest ice cream invented ever (movenpick!) we were trying to figure out how to sneak vodka in. Haha! And, Peach, being the creative person that she is, of course found an ingenious way. *slow clap*

We left the flat at around 1:30 PM, took the MRT, had lunch at Dhoby Gout, then headed to Marina Bay Sands. On the way, we saw artworks I couldn’t resist taking pictures of and with.

When we got in, we found a spot near Derrick and Roscoe stages. The entire afternoon was all about waking up the inner hipster in everyone present. I loved the vibe. Totally.

Although I didn’t know any of the songs played, I enjoyed the experience. There was a point when I almost wanted to pass out because of being squeezed in a crowd of hippies, but I just opted to close my eyes, listen to the lyrics, feel the beat, and let myself be swallowed by the music. This is ultimate art immersion.

After being amazed by the musicality of Haim and the poetry of Chvrches, Peach and I were supposed to go take some good shots of the mushroom-like structures of Marina Bay Sands. But because we were both exhausted, we just took these selfie shots.

Peach and I took the cab back to Jeremy’s flat and spent the night replaying the awesome music in our minds, which was what Laneway was all about. This was my first international music festival and I loved every bit of the experience!


I visited Singapore with my friend, Peach, from January 31 to February 4, 2014.  And, most of the entries in this series were written while I was there.

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