Surviving Singapore with Php 5,000 Pocket Money: Merlion Park

Peach and I planned on spending our last day in Singapore doing something we both like – shopping! So, after doing our morning rituals, Peach and I headed to the outlet stores of Cotton On and Billabong and, of course, to have a tour of Ikea!

Peach, being the responsible person in this trip – well, all our lives, actually 😀 – did the research for how to go to the stores.  We took the bus and alighted in the suburbs of Singapore.  We relied heavily on her GPS, which was very helpful!  And, because we apparently loved doing long walks, we had to do another one to get to the outlet stores.  Good thing I was with Peach, someone I can talk to about anything and everything and who also finds fun and happiness in the littlest of things, so the long walk became an enjoyable one. 🙂

Walking Tour

When we finally got to the outlet stores, Peach and I went to scavenge for good finds.  And, being the self-proclaimed expert bargain finders that we are, we both got a good loot of stuff we would bring back to the Philippines.  Happy us!  (Sorry, no photos because we were both sooo into doing our shopping haha!)

We then headed back to our hostel to try and figure out how we were going to fit all our stuff into our bags.  And, after Peach realized that the Merlion Park was just near our hostel, we both decided to do another trip to.  Like in my trip to Bohol, I wanted to have a picture that would scream “Singapore!”  Haha!

On our way, we took these shots.  And, since I don’t know how to edit photos (except for the occasional lighting fix, boosting of colors, and adding watermarks), these are basically how the camera captured it (oh, I also mostly just set my camera to automatic hihi).

Central Business District

Cavenagh Bridge

Cavenagh Bridge

Cavenagh Bridge

Central Business District

After a few walks, we finally got to the Merlion Park!



Here are our turista shots! 😛

Peach and Merlion

Monica and Merlion

From the park, we also got to see these landmarks. Singapore bursts with beautiful colors at night, I must say. 🙂

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands

Blue under the Bridge

After playing tourists for the night, Peach and I headed back to our hotel. We wanted to catch some bit of sleep before our flight in a few hours. Then, it’s good-bye, Singapore for us! 🙂


I visited Singapore with my friend, Peach, from January 31 to February 4, 2014.  And, most of the entries in this series were written while I was there.

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