Project Breaking Down Barriers: Travelling to Lake Sebu

There was no more hitch from Bontoc to Lake Sebu. We got to Manila with enough time to walk to Tara’s apartment in Scout Borromeo, repack, withdraw money from Western Union, and take a cab to the airport. We got to the airport with a few minutes to spare before boarding so I also got to withdraw money from the ATM. When a Cebu Pacific attendant saw Tara’s tattoo, he said, “Fresh na fresh pa po tattoo nyo ah!” To which Tara replied, “Huh?” The flight attendant then said, “Good morning!” Haha!

The plane left on time and we got to General Santos International Airport a few minutes before our scheduled arrival.  Being in Mindanao again, after 9 long years, was awesome.  I don’t know how it would happen but I just had a feeling that this stop would impact me in ways I’d never have imagined.

While we were researching for this trip, we read that there are multi-cabs that get you out of the airport to the bus station to Marbel. So, we didn’t even consider taking a cab, which would’ve costed us double or even triple the amount we shelled out. We found a multi-cab manong and asked him if he could bring us to an internet shop near the bus station. We paid Php 50.00 each.

When we got to the internet shop, Tara freed some space up on her camera’s memory card and I sent emails to my family and friends to let them know that we’re safe and also to share what I’d gotten from the trip, so far.  I had been sending them text messages here and there for the past week but because the signals in Kalinga and Guina-ang were a bit flaky, I had not given them details of the lovely moments that I had experienced so far. So, I did just that.

In the middle of Tara transferring files, though, the electricity went off. She lost some of the recordings that we took while we were in Northern Luzon. It was a breakdown and we just completed with it. We didn’t want it to be in the way of us enjoying the rest of the trip when we’re just in the middle of it. So, we went and looked for another internet shop where she could continue transferring her files. We found one near the plaza.

Then, we took a trike to the bus station. Our contact in Lake Sebu, Manang Oyog, told us to take the bus to Marbel and again to Surallah. Then, from Surallah, we could find a van that goes to Lake Sebu.

It took us double the time to get to Surallah, compared to if we had we taken the non-stop bus from General Santos. But, we took the one that stops at almost every possible point from General Santos to Marbel, because we thought we would enjoy the view anyway. However, because of the sorta Amazing Race that we’d been doing since we left Sabangan, Tara and I were already tired by this time that we just slept through most of it and amidst the noise and heat. There was even a point when our tempers were already running high. But, because we are both amazing individuals (yes, that’s what we are), we didn’t let it get in the way and just got the space each one was in.

Our van to Lake Sebu from Surallah left at 4 PM. We slept through most of the ride and we got to Lake Sebu at about 5:30 in the afternoon.

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