Wandering in Wonderful Indonesia

So, we had a sort of itinerary, which Angge and I worked on months ago. But, because life outside of travels got in the way, we set it aside and let the universe work.

And, the universe, as always, did its thing.

We got to see the places we intended to visit, like the Temples of Sukuh, Borobudur, and Prambanan, in Java (plus a lot of bonuses, like the Taman Sari Underground Mosque, the Chocolate Factory, and a jeepney trek to Mt. Merapi), and enjoyed their local food in between. And, I got to chill in and swim in the beaches of Bali. Oh, we caught the sunset, too!

With the many boo-boos that we had, this trip could’ve been one for the books, in a not so good way, as early as the start of morning of day two (forgetting printing Kuya’s ticket altogether, when we thought it was only his boarding pass we had to worry about; not getting what the lady in the booth was talking about; forgetting to Google and call the hotel to find out how to get there; Angge getting serious saying we have to get our act together), haha! Good thing, we were all so cool and chill. We just laughed through most of the trip and celebrated life while meeting awesome people (Indonesians and foreigners alike) and learning about their history and culture. We capped our evenings doing a recount of what transpired during the day and sharing stories about each other, over at least a bottle of Bintang beer each.

Thank you, Angge and Kuya, for being such awesome travel buddies. I had a blast. ‘Til next time!

Below are some of the pictures from the places we visited and, the stories of which I shall be sharing with you in the next few days.

Balinese boys playing the rindik in Bali, Indonesia


Sunset in Bali, Indonesia

Balinese sunset

Front of Pura Mangkunegaran in Surakarta, Indonesia

Pura Mangkunegaran

A sculpture in Candi Sukuh in Central Java, Indonesia

Candi Sukuh

With the stupas of Candi Borobudur in Central Java, Indonesia

Candi Borobudur

On the steps of Candi Mendut in Central Java, Indonesia

Candi Mendut

Eruption ruins of Mt. Merapi in Central Java, Indonesia

Mt. Merapi

Gazebo of the Royal Palace in Jogjakarta, Indonesia

Royal Palace

Discovering Taman Sari Underground Mosque in Jogjakarta, Indonesia

Taman Sari Underground Mosque

Silver-making in Jogjakarta, Indonesia


Happy kid at Cokelat Monggo in  Jogjakarta, Indonesia

Cokelat Monggo

On the edge at Candi Sewu in Central Java, Indonesia

Candi Sewu

Sunset at Candi Prambanan in Central Java, Indonesia

Candi Prambanan

Saving the Sea Turtles in Bali, Indonesia

Save the Sea Turtles

One more sunset in Bali, Indonesia

Sunset in Bali

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