Where to book your tours in El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

El Nido is indeed a paradise.  I cannot find words that would give justice to how beautiful the place is.  But, below are some pictures (barely edited because, uhm, I do not know how to edit haha) to speak for the beauty of this lovely spot in Palawan. 🙂

Helicopter Island


Hidden Beach


Shimizu Island


Matinloc Shrine


Secret Lagoon


Big Lagoon


7th Commando Beach


We got to visit these places because of the private tour we booked with Kuya Jerry of GEA Tours.  And, no, we didn’t have a lot to spend but still opted for a private tour with them.  Believe me, it was not an easy decision (it took us more than 24 hours to decide haha), mainly because of the money consideration.  What made us go for this option?

We wanted to experience Tours A and C.  If you are a joiner in the tour, Tour A costs Php 1,200 per person and Tour C costs Php 1,400.00 per person.  In total, that would cost Php 2,600.00 per person.  And, if it is a private tour, Tour A costs Php 4,800.00 and Tour C costs Php 5,600.00.  Kuya Jerry offered us a generous discount and we only had to pay Php 6,000.00 in total or Php 3,000.00 per person.  Not bad, eh?  And, the added bonus?

  • While joining a tour means that you may meet new friends and interact with people of different nationalities, being in a tour also means that your freedom is a bit constrained.  Constrained because you would have to wait for everyone in the tour to finish exploring a place, regardless of whether you are enjoying it or not, or need to hurry up if everyone’s ready to leave even if you are still enjoying the vibe of the place.  Whereas, in a private tour, you can take your time in a spot you are totally enjoying or choose to skip a destination all together if it is too crowded.  We skipped the Secret Beach because it was too crowded and my slippers was close to giving up.  We stayed longer at Shimitzu Beach because it was all ours and it had fine sand, which was what I was looking for.  We also got to stay longer at Seven Commando Beach and got to watch the gorgeous sunset, which was a blessing because it was raining the following day and we didn’t have the chance to visit Las Cabanas, where they say is best to view the sunset.
  • We also considered our safety.  Joining a tour means that you would have to share the watchful eyes of your tour guides and, should anything undesirable happens, this is not a pretty situation to be in.  In a private tour, you get to have the attention of your tour guides and they would definitely ensure that nothing untoward happens to you.
  • It was a whole day trip and we needed a good supply of water to keep us hydrated.  If you are a joiner, there is a chance that there will be scarcity of water and food (we noticed this in one of the tour groups that had lunch in Matinloc Shrine).  But, in GEA Tours’ private tour, you get to fill your stomach with freshly cooked food and no competition with the drinking water supply. 🙂
  • Kuya Jerry and our tour guide, Kuya Mark, also made the trip very comfortable for us.  When it was getting difficult for me to walk towards where the Hidden Beach was, Kuya Mark offered that I hold on to his shoulders and I could just float and enjoy the “ride”.  Comfy, eh? 😛
  • We also got an after-sales service from Kuya Jerry.  Instead of making us pay for the tricycle ride from the hotel to the terminal, he gave it to us for free.  He also offered a free tour of the town (which Justine took advantage of) because he wanted to make sure that we got to include other notable spots in the video that she would be creating. 🙂

I would definitely say that we made the right choice.  The difference in the amount between joining a tour and a private tour was well worth it.  And, if you want to experience El Nido the way we did, you can contact Kuya Jerry of GEA Tours at +63.909.237.2609.

Here’s a video, created by Justine, of our awesome El Nido trip.  We do hope you visit this beautiful part of the Philippines and get to enjoy it as much as we did!

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