Where to stay in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia: Uma Dewi Guest House

Ubud, Bali, is a lovely place to spend a few days of your Indonesia trip. It’s quite an artsy place and is a great stopover for foreigners who would want to meet other travelers who are enamored by Indonesia as a whole. But, where to stay in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia?  I highly recommend Uma Dewi Guest House.

My friends and I stayed at Uma Dewi Guest House when we visited Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, in September 2014, and I must say that it’s one of the best I’ve ever stayed at. The moment I stepped into their property, I felt right at home. Ibu welcomed us with a warm smile and we knew we were at the right place.  She showed us to our room, which was spacious, clean, and well-kept. It was as if they really prepared for our arrival and wanted us to have a wonderful time at their lovely home.

We mostly stayed at their patio, which was very comfortable and designed beautifully.

We learned later on that Ibu’s son is an artist and his paintings were the ones hung on the wall. The doors, tables, and everything about the place were well-thought out – I would say that it may even be more beautiful than other hotels.

To freshen up, we bathe in their bathroom, which is equally as beautiful as the rest of the place. It was clean and had sufficient amount of running water. They had heater, too!

But, more than the beauty of the place, it was really Ibu and Desak’s lovely presence and topnotch customer service that impressed me.

  • After settling in, we were looking for adaptors because I only brought one and Justine also needed one. Ibu asked us politely if she could enter our rooms and showed to us where the extra adaptors were. 🙂
  • She served us tea and it was very delicious that we had to ask for a second serving!
  • Ibu also stayed with us and laughed with us even if we arrived late in the evening. Being a daughter of a senior citizen, I know how important sleep is to elder people. But, with Ibu, we didn’t feel like we had to hurry up or that we were bothering her. She was just there, being with us, and giving us her warm smile all throughout.
  • In the morning, Ibu served us healthy and delicious breakfast. Breakfast consisted of local rice cake, fruits, and coffee — all freshly procured from the market. 🙂
  • When we arrived in the evening, after touring the city, Ibu offered to serve us tea again. This time, she made sure that the glasses were bigger because she knew that we loved it!
  • While we were enjoying our tea, we mentioned to Ibu that we would like to buy coffee. She offered to buy some for us because she knew that locals get better price than foreigners.
  • She also learned the night before that Justine was in Indonesia to celebrate her birthday. Ibu surprised her with a nice creation, she herself made. Sweet, eh?

When we had to say good-bye the following morning, we met Desak, Ibu’s daughter and owner of the place. She had an equally beautiful smile as her mother. She is more comfortable at speaking in English compared to Ibu; the latter said that she does not speak English really well. But, to me, it doesn’t matter. What’s important is the goodness of a person, her intention to be understood and to understand, and, having those criteria, I would say that Ibu is a good communicator. 🙂

It was a bit difficult saying good-bye to them. We felt right at home when we were at Uma Dewi Guest House. There’s no wonder that they get top reviews at Tripadvisor’s list of B&Bs for Ubud. They surely deserve it.

So, will I consider staying there when I visit Ubud again? Oh yeah, for sure. 🙂  The place, the ambiance, the warmth of the people – they all make good reasons for anyone to choose to stay at Uma Dewi Guest House when they are in Ubud. 🙂

Haven’t decided yet if you are going to visit Ubud in Bali, Indonesia?  This might just do the trick.  Here’s a video from Justine, created out of our Indonesia trip.  Enjoy!

[vimeo 106779611 w=500 h=281]


Uma Dewi Guest House – Ubud a budget accommodation in the heart of Ubud, Bali – Indonesia
Address: Uma Dewi Guest House Br. Pengosekan Kaja, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Check-in Time: 2:00 PM
Check-out Time: 12:00 NN
Contact Numbers: +62.8133.762.1101, +62.361.971436
How to get there: They offer airport transfer at a cost.  If you want to do it like we did, you can contact Edy of Edy Smile Bali Tour (read more about our experience with him through his website:  http://www.edysmilebalitour.com/)
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Uma-Dewi-Guest-House-Ubud/1425398307711365

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