Project Breaking Down Barriers: Witnessing Love in Tinglayan

Our second day in Tinglayan was all about love.

We met Ate Concepcion’s husband, Manong Brilliano, and had a conversation with the couple about their love story.  The two had been long time friends before they got together.  They would spend their afternoons by the Chico River with their other friends.  It was only later on in their lives when Manong Brilliano decided to woo Ate Concepcion.  He went to the mountains to get wood that he would bring to Ate Concepcion’s family.  In their tribe, this was how a man expresses his intention of marrying a lady.  When Tara asked him why he chose Ate Concepcion, Manong Brilliano replied, “Because I love her!” Cute!  Hihi.

In the afternoon, Ate Concepcion and the kids brought us to the wedding.  In Tinglayan, everyone’s invited to attend the festivities, even if you don’t know the bride or groom or anyone in their family.

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It was almost dark when we headed back to Ate Concepcion’s house.  When we got home, we had dinner, prepared for us by Manong Brilliano. We stayed up a bit more to have conversations with Ate Concepcion and the kids. The night was awesome and the following day would prove to be another awesome one – we’re meeting Fang-od, ayiee!!! Excited! 🙂

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